Walter Schottky Institute
Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

WSI-related Publications for year:

Growth mechanisms of F4-TCNQ on inorganic substrates and nanostructures
Materials Research Express 6, 2 (2018)
H. Schamoni, M. Hetzl, T. Hoffmann, K. Stoiber, S. Matich, M. Stutzmann
Online Ref
Recent progress in terahertz difference-frequency quantum cascade laser sources
Nanophotonics 7, 1795-1817 (2018)
K. Fujita, S. Jung, Y. Jiang, J.H. Kim, A Nakanishi, A. Ito, M. Hitaka, T. Edamura, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Difference-frequency generation in polaritonic intersubband nonlinear metasurfaces
Advanced Optical Materials 6, 1800681 (2018)
Y. Liu, J. Lee, S. March, N. Nookala, D. Palaferri, J.F. Klem, S.R. Bank, I. Brener, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Double-metal waveguide terahertz difference-frequency generation quantum cascade lasers with surface grating outcouplers
Applied Physics Letters 113, 161102 (2018)
J.H. Kim, S. Jung, Y. Jiang, K. Fujita, M. Hitaka, A. Ito, T. Edamura, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Mid-infrared quantum cascade laser arrays with electrical switching of emission frequencies
AIP Adv. 8, 085021 (2018)
A. Jiang, S. Jung, Y. Jiang, K. Vijayraghavan, J.H. Kim, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Quantum confinement in oxide heterostructures: room-temperature Intersubband absorption in SrTiP3/LaAIO3 multiple quantum wells
ACS Nano 12, 7682-7689 (2018)
J.E. Ortmann, N. Nookala, Q. He, L. Gao, C. Lin, A.B. Posadas, A.Y. Borisevich, M.A. Belkin, A.A. Demkov
Online Ref
Mid-infrared second-harmonic generation in ultra-thin plasmonic metasurfaces without a full-metal backplane
Appl. Phys. B. 124, 132 (2018)
N. Nookala, J. Xu, O. Wolf, S. March, R. Sarma, S. Bank, J. Klem, I. Brener, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Enhancement of the spontaneous emission in subwavelength quasi-two-dimensional waveguides and resonators
Phys. Rev. A. 97, 043801 (2018)
M. Tokman, Z. Long, S. Al Mutairi, Y. Wang, M.A. Belkin, A. Belyanin
Online Ref
Broadly tunable terahertz difference-frequency generation in quantum cascade lasers on silicon
SPIE Opt. Eng. 57, 011020 (2018)
S. Jung, J. H. Kim, Y. Jiang, K. Vijayraghavan, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Hybrid Dielectric-Semiconductor Metasurface for Efficient Second-Harmonic Generation
IEEE Int. Conf. on Optical MEMS and Nanophotonics, pp. 1-5 (2018)
R. Sarma, D. de Ceglia, N. Nookala, M.A. Vincenti, S. Campione, O. Wolf, M. Scalora, M.A. Belkin, I. Brener
Difference-frequency generation terahertz quantum cascade lasers with surface grating outcouplers
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, paper SF3G.7 (2018)
J. H. Kim, S. Jung, Y. Jiang, K. Fujita, M. Hitaka, A. Ito, T. Edamura, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Monolithic integration of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers coupled with passive InGaAs waveguides
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, paper SF2G.5 (2018)
S. Jung, D. Palaferri, J. Xu, F. Xie, Y. Okuno, C. Pinzone, K. Lascola, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Scattering near-field mid-infrared microscopy using self-mixing in quantum cascade lasers
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, paper JTh2A.72 (2018)
M. Jin, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Difference-frequency generation and frequency up-conversion with polaritonic nonlinear metasurfaces
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, JW2A. 104 (2018)
Y. Liu, J. Lee, S. March, N. Nookala, D. Palaferri, O. Wolf, I. Brener, S. R. Bank, M. Tymchenko, J. S. Gomez-Diaz, A. Alu, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Optical power limiting from plasmonic metasurfaces coupled to intersubband transitions
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, paper FW4H.5 (2018)
N. Nookala, P. Chang, D. Sounas, O. Wolf, S. March, S. Bank, I. Brener, A. Alu, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Optical power limiting from plasmonic metasurfaces coupled to intersubband transitions
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics OSA Technical Digest (online), FW4H.5. (2018)
N. Nookala, P. Chang, D. Sounas, O. Wolf, S. March, S. Bank, I. Brener, A. Alu, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Optical and electrical control of confined electrons in SrTiO3/LaAlO3 quantum well heterostructures
Bulletin of the American Physical Society APS March Meeting, abstract A13.00003 (2018)
J. Ortmann, N. Nookala, Q. He, L. Gao, A. Borisevich, A. Posadas, M.A. Belkin, A. Demkov
Online Ref
Intersubband polaritonic metasurfaces for frequency mixing and optical power limiting
Proc. of the 48th Winter Colloquium on The Physics of Quantum Electronics (2018)
N. Nookala, J. Lee, Y. Liu, D. Palaferri, M. Tymchenko, G. Boehm, M.-C. Amann, O. Wolf, J.F. Klem, I. Brener, A. Alu, M.A. Belkin
Diamond defects detect what lies beneath
Nature Electronicsvolume 1, 494 (2018)
F. Reinhard
Online Ref
Effect of ultraprecision polishing techniques on coherence times of shallow nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond
Diamond and Related Materials 85, 18 (2018)
G. Braunbeck, S. Mandal, M. Touge, O. A. Williams, F. Reinhard
Online Ref
Nanowire laser structure and fabrication method
US Patent, App. 15/759,977 (2018)
B. Mayer, G. Koblmueller, J. Finley, J. Klicpera, G. Abstreiter
Online Ref
A method for fabricating a nanostructure
US Patent, App. 15/759,986 (2018)
G. Koblmueller, B. Mayer, J. Finley, G. Abstreiter
Online Ref
Intra- and inter-nanocrystal charge transport in nanocrystal films
Nanoscale 10, 8042 (2018)
W. Aigner, O. Bienek, B.P. Falcã, S.U. Ahmed, H. Wiggers, M. Stutzmann, R.N. Pereira
Online Ref
GaN Nanowire Arrays for Efficient Optical Read-Out and Optoelectronic Control of NV Centers in Diamond
Nano Letters 18, 3651–3660 (2018)
M. Hetzl, J. Wierzbowski, T. Hoffmann, M. Kraut, V. Zuerbig, C. E. Nebel, K. Mueller, J. J. Finley, M. Stutzmann
Online Ref
Quantum dot single-photon sources with ultra-low multi-photon probability
Nature Partner Journals Quantum Information 4 (1), 43 (2018)
L. Hanschke, K.A. Fischer, S. Appel, D. Lukin, J. Wierzbowski, S. Sun, R. Trivedi, J. Vučković, J.J. Finley, K. Mueller
Online Ref
Coupling Single Photons from Discrete Quantum Emitters in WSe2 to Lithographically Defined Plasmonic Slot Waveguides
Nano Letters 18 (11), 6812-6819 (2018)
M. Blauth, M. Jürgensen, G. Vest, O. Hartwig, M. Prechtl, J. Cerne, J.J. Finley, M. Kaniber
Online Ref
Understanding macroscale functionality of metal halide perovskites in terms of nanoscale heterogeneities
J. Phys. Energy 1, 011002 (2018)
T.B. Song, I.D. Sharp, C.M. Sutter-Fella
Online Ref
Hybrid photoelectrochemical and photovoltaic cells for simultaneous production of chemical fuels and electrical power
Nature Materials 17, 1115 (2018)
G. Segev, J.W. Beeman, J.B. Greenblatt, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Integrated Solar Fuels Generators
RSC Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-78262-555-1 (2018)
I.D. Sharp, H.J. Lewerenz, H.A. Atwater
Online Ref
Concepts of Photoelectrochemical Energy Conversion and Fuel Generation
Integrated Solar Fuels Generators RSC Publishing, ISBN: 978-1-78262-555-1 (2018)
H.J. Lewerenz, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Physical origins of the transient absorption spectra and dynamics in thin film semiconductors: The case of BiVO4
J. Phys. Chem. C 122, 20642 (2018)
J.K. Cooper, S.E. Reyes-Lillo, L.H. Hess, C.-M. Jiang, J.B. Neaton, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Disentangling the role of surface chemical interactions on interfacial charge transport at BiVO4 photoanodes
ACS Appl. Mater. Interf. 10, 35129 (2018)
J. Eichhorn, C. Kastl, A.M. Schwartzberg, I.D. Sharp, F.M. Toma
Online Ref
A systematic investigation of radiative recombination in GaN nanowires: The influence of nanowire geometry and environmental conditions
J. Appl. Phys. 124, 035704 (2018)
M. Hetzl, M. Kraut, T. Hoffmann, J. Winnerl, K. Boos, A. Zeidler, I.D. Sharp, M. Stutzmann
Online Ref
Recommended Methods to Study Resistive Switching Devices
Advanced Electronic Materials 1800143 (2018)
M. Lanza, H.‐S. P. Wong, E. Pop, D. Ielmini, D. Strukov, A. Holleitner, U. Wurstbauer et al. , F. Hui, Y. Shi, ...
Online Ref
Tuning Lasing Emission toward Long Wavelengths in GaAs-(In,Al)GaAs Core–Multishell Nanowires
Nano Letters 18, 6292 (2018)
T. Stettner, A. Thurn, M. Döblinger, M. O. Hill, J. Bissinger, P. Schmiedeke, S. Matich, T. Kostenbader, D. Ruhstorfer, H. Riedl, M. Kaniber, L. J. Lauhon, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Connecting composition-driven faceting with facet-driven composition modulation in GaAs-AlGaAs core-shell nanowires
Nano Letters 18, 5179 (2018)
N. Jeon, D. Ruhstorfer, M. Döblinger, S. Matich, B. Loitsch, G. Koblmueller, L. J. Lauhon
Online Ref
Noise insights into electronic transport
JTEP Letters, 1-14 (2018)
S.U. Piatrusha, L.V. Ginzburg, E.S. Tikhonov, D.V. Shovkun, G. Koblmueller, A.V. Bubis, A.K. Grebenko, A.G. Nasibulin, V.S. Khrapai
Online Ref
United in a monolayer
Nature Physics 14, 879–880 (2018)
A.W. Holleitner, P. Seifert
Online Ref
Towards femtosecond on-chip electronics based on plasmonic hot electron nano-emitters
Nature Communications 9, 2471 (2018)
C. Karnetzky, P. Zimmermann, C. Trummer, C. Duque Sierra, M. Wörle, R. Kienberger, A.W. Holleitner
Online Ref
Towards femtosecond electronics based on single-walled carbon nanotubes
SPIE OPTO Proceedings Volume 10530, Ultrafast Phenomena and Nanophotonics XXII; 105300T (2018)
C. Karnetzky, A.W. Holleitner
Online Ref
Optical design of GaN nanowire arrays for photocatalytic applications
Journal of Applied Physics 123, 203104 (2018)
J. Winnerl, R. Hudeczek, M. Stutzmann
Online Ref
Helium ion microscopy as a high-resolution probe for complex quantum heterostructures in core-shell nanowires
Nano Letters 18, 3911 (2018)
C. Pöpsel, J. Becker, N. Jeon, M. Döblinger, T. Stettner, Y. Trujillo Gottschalk, B. Loitsch, S. Matich, M. Altzschner, A.W. Holleitner, J. Finley, L.J. Lauhon, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Nanoscale imaging of charge carrier transport limitations in BiVO4 photoanodes
Nature Communications 9, 2597 (2018)
J. Eichhorn, C. Kastl, J.K. Cooper, D. Ziegler, A.M. Schwartzberg, I.D. Sharp, F.M. Toma
Cation-dependent light-induced halide demixing in hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites
Nano Letters 18, 3473 (2018)
C.M. Sutter-Fella, Q.P. Ngo, N. Cefarin, K.L. Gardner, N. Tamura, C.V. Stan, W.S. Drisdell, A. Javey, F.M. Toma, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Composition-Dependent Functionality of Copper Vanadate Photoanodes
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 10, 10627 (2018)
C.-M. Jiang, G. Segev, L.H. Hess, G. Liu, G. Zaborski, F.M. Toma, J.K. Cooper, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Manifold Coupling Mechanisms of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides to Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticle Arrays
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 9663 (2018)
S. Diefenbach, E. Parzinger, J. Kiemle, J. Wierzbowski, S. Funke, B. Miller, R. Csiki, P. Thiesen, A. Cattani-Scholz, U. Wurstbauer, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
Carrier trapping and activation at short-period wurtzite/zinc-blende stacking sequences in polytypic InAs nanowires
Phys. Rev. B 97, 115306 (2018)
J. Becker, S. Morkoetter, J. Treu, M. Sonner, M. Speckbacher, M. Doeblinger, G. Abstreiter, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Carrier concentration dependent photoluminescence properties of Si-doped InAs nanowires
Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 091904 (2018)
M. Sonner, J. Treu, K. Saller, H. Riedl, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Correlated chemical and electrically active dopant analysis in catalyst-free Si-doped InAs nanowires
ACS Nano 12, 1603 (2018)
J. Becker, M. O. Hill, M. Sonner, J. Treu, M. Döblinger, A. Hirler, H. Riedl, J. Finley, L. J. Lauhon, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Measuring three-dimensional strain and structural defects in a single InGaAs nanowire using coherent x-ray multiangle Bragg projection ptychography
Nano Letters 18, 811 (2018)
M. O. Hill, I. Calvo-Almazan, M. Allain, M. Holt, A. Ulvestad, J. Treu, G. Koblmueller, C. Huang, X. Huang, H. Yan, E. Nazarestski, Y. S. Chu, G. B. Stephenson, V. Chamard, L. Lauhon, O. Hruszkewycz
Online Ref
The technical and energetic challenges of separating (photo)electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction products
Joule 2, 381 (2018)
J.B. Greenblatt, D.J. Miller, J.W. Ager, F.A. Houle, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
The spatial collection efficiency of photogenerated charge carriers in photovoltaic and photoelectrochemical devices
Joule 2, 210 (2018)
G. Segev, H. Dotan, D.S. Ellis, Y. Piekner, D. Klotz, J.W. Beeman, J.K. Cooper, D.A. Grave, I.D. Sharp, A. Rothschild
Online Ref
Quantification of the loss mechanisms in emerging water splitting photoanodes through empirical extraction of the spatial charge collection efficiency
Energy Environ. Sci. 11, 904 (2018)
G. Segev, C.-M- Jiang, J.K. Cooper, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Robust valley polarization of helium ion modified atomically thin MoS2
2D Materials 5, 11007 (2018)
J. Klein, A. Kuc, A. Nolinder, M. Altzschner, J. Wierzbowski, F. Sigger, F. Kreupl, J. Finley, U. Wurstbauer, A. Holleitner, M. Kaniber
Online Ref
Spin Hall photoconductance in a 3D topological insulator at room temperature
Nature Communications 9, 331 (2018)
P. Seifert, K. Vaklinova, S. Ganichev, K. Kern, M. Burghard, A.W. Holleitner
Online Ref
Deposition of micro crystalline silicon films using microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Thin Solid Films 645, 180 (2018)
S. Altmannshofer, B. Miller, A. Holleitner, J. Boudaden, I. Eisele, C. Kutter
Online Ref
High Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity of Pt5Pr Electrodes in Acidic Media
Electrochemistry Communications 88, 10 (2018)
B. Garlyyev, M. Pohl, V. Colic, Y. Liang, F. K. Butt, A. Holleitner, A. S. Bandarenka
Online Ref
Synergistic gold–copper detoxification at the core of gold biomineralisation in Cupriavidus metallidurans
Metallomics 10, 278 (2018)
L. Bütof, N. Wiesemann, M. Herzberg, M. Altzschner, A. Holleitner, F. Reith, D. H. Nies
Online Ref
The dielectric impact of layer distances on exciton and trion binding energies in van der Waals heterostructures
Nano Letters 18, 2725 (2018)
M. Florian, M. Hartmann, A. Steinhoff, J. Klein, A. Holleitner, J. Finley, T. Wehling, M. Kaniber, C. Gies
Online Ref

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