Walter Schottky Institute
Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

WSI-related Publications for year:

Quantum cascade lasers transfer-printed on silicon-on-sapphire
Appl. Phys. Lett. 111, 211102 (2017)
S. Jung, J. Kirch, J.H. Kim, L.J. Mawst, D. Botez, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Spectral purity and tunability of terahertz quantum cascade laser sources based on intra-cavity difference frequency generation
Sci. Adv. 3, e160331 (2017)
L. Consolino, S. Jung, A. Campa, M. De Regis, S. Pal, K. Fujita, A. Ito, M. Hitaka, S. Bartalini, P. De Natale, M.A. Belkin, M.S. Vitiello
Online Ref
Highly-efficient THz generation using nonlinear plasmonic metasurfaces
J. Opt. 19, 104001 (2017)
M. Tymchenko, J. S. Gomez-Diaz, J. Lee, M.A. Belkin, A. Alù
Online Ref
Strain compensated superlattices on m-plane gallium nitride by ammonia molecular beam epitaxy
J. Appl. Phys. 122, 075105 (2017)
M.N. Fireman, B. Bonef, E.C. Young, N. Nookala, M.A. Belkin, J.S. Speck
Online Ref
High-sensitivity infrared vibrational nanospectroscopy in water
Light Sci. Appl. 6, e17096 (2017)
M. Jin, F. Lu, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Dielectric properties of semi-insulating Fe-doped InP in the terahertz spectral region
Sci. Rep. 7, 7360 (2017)
L.N. Alyabyeva, E.S. Zhukova, M.A. Belkin, B.P. Gorshunov
Online Ref
Electrical tuning of the polarization state of light using graphene-integrated anisotropic metasurfaces
Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 375, 20160061 (2017)
S. Dutta-Gupta, N. Dabidian, I. Kholmanov, M.A. Belkin, G. Shvets
Online Ref
Terahertz difference-frequency quantum cascade laser sources on silicon
Optica 4, 38-43 (2017)
S. Jung, J. Kim, Y. Jiang, K. Vijayraghavan, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
High-performance broadly-tunable THz quantum cascade laser sources based on intracavity difference-frequency mixing on silicon substrates
Proc. SPIE 10383, 1038307 (2017)
M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Difference-frequency generation quantum cascade laser sources on silicon
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest (online) (2017)
S. Jung, J.H. Kim, Y. Jiang, K. Vijayraghavan, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Low-loss Ge-on-GaAs platform for mid-infrared photonics
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest (online) (2017)
H. Liao, S. Jung, S. Chakravarty, R.T. Chen, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
1.9 THz difference-frequency generation in mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers with grating outcouplers
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, JTu5A. 99 (2017)
J.H. Kim, S. Jung, Y. Jiang, K. Fujita, M. Hitaka, A. Ito, T. Masahiro, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers transfer-printed on silicon-on-sapphire
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest (online) (2017)
S. Jung, J. Kirch, J.H. Kim, L. J. Mawst, M.A. Belkin, D. Botez
Online Ref
Efficient THz generation in long-wavelength infrared quantum cascade lasers
Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, OSA Technical Digest (online) (2017)
Y. Jiang, J.H. Kim, S. Jung, F. Demmerle, G. Boehm, M.-C. Amann, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Flat nonlinear optics: metasurfaces for efficient frequency mixing
Proc. SPIE 10113, 101130O (2017)
N. Nookala, J Lee, Y. Liu, M. Tymchenko, J. S. Gomez-Diaz, F. Demmerle, G. Boehm, M.-C. Amann, O. Wolf, I. Brener, A. Alu, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Narrow-linewidth ultra-broadband terahertz sources based on difference-frequency generation in mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers
Proc. SPIE 10123, 1012315 (2017)
S. Jung, Y. Jiang, J. H. Kim, L. Consolino, S. Bartalini, P. De Natale, M. Vitiello, K. Fujita, M. Hitaka, A. Ito, J. Kirch, D. Botez, F. Demmerle, G. Boehm, M.-C. Amann, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Terahertz difference frequency generation in quantum cascade lasers on silicon
Proc. SPIE 10123, 1012316 (2017)
S. Jung, J. H. Kim, Y. Jiang, K. Vijayraghavan, M.A. Belkin
Online Ref
Quantum transport and sub-band structure of modulation-doped GaAs/AlAs core–superlattice nanowires
Nano Letters 17, 4886 (2017)
D. M. Irber, J. Seidl, D. J. Carrad, J. Becker, N. Jeon, B. Loitsch, J. Winnerl, S. Matich, M. Doeblinger, Y. Tang, S. Morkoetter, G. Abstreiter, J. J. Finley, M. Grayson, L. J. Lauhon, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Proximity effect and interface transparency in Al/InAs-nanowire/Al diffusive junctions
Semicond. Sci. Technol. 32, 094007 (2017)
A. V. Bubis, A. O. Denisov, S. U. Piatrusha, I. E. Batov, V. S. Khrapai, J. Becker, J. Treu, D. Ruhstorfer, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
On-Chip Architecture for Self-Homodyned Nonclassical Light
Phys. Rev. Applied 7, 044002 (2017)
K. A. Fischer, Y. A. Kelaita, N. V. Sapra, C. Dory, K. G. Lagoudakis, K. Mueller, J. Vučković
Online Ref
Tuning the photon statistics of a strongly coupled nanophotonic system
Phys. Rev. A 95, 023804 (2017)
C. Dory, K. A. Fischer, K. Mueller, K. G. Lagoudakis, T. Sarmiento, A. Rundquist, J. L. Zhang, Y. Kelaita, N. V. Sapra, J. Vučković
Online Ref
Observation of Mollow Triplets with Tunable Interactions in Double Lambda Systems of Individual Hole Spins
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 013602 (2017)
K. G. Lagoudakis, K. A. Fischer, T. Sarmiento, P. L. McMahon, M. Radulaski, J. L. Zhang, Y. Kelaita, C. Dory, K. Mueller, J. Vučković
Online Ref
Signatures of two-photon pulses from a quantum two-level system
Nature Physics 13, 649–654 (2017)
K.A. Fischer, L. Hanschke, J. Wierzbowski, T. Simmet, C. Dory, J. J. Finley, J. Vuckovic, K. Mueller
Online Ref
Quantum sensing
Reviews of Moder Physics 89, 035002 (2017)
C. L. Degen, F. Reinhard, P. Cappellaro
Online Ref
Holography of Wi-fi Radiation
Physical Review Letters 118, 183901 (2017)
P.M. Holl, F. Reinhard
Online Ref
Quantum sensing of weak radio-frequency signals by pulsed Mollow absorption spectroscopy
Nature Communications 8 (1), 964 (2017)
T. Joas, A.M. Waeber, G. Braunbeck, F. Reinhard
Online Ref
Pulsed Rabi oscillations in quantum two-level systems: beyond the area theorem
IOP Publishing Quantum Science and Technology 3 (1), 014006 (2017)
K.A. Fischer, L. Hanschke, M. Kremser, J.J. Finley, K. Mueller, J. Vučković
Online Ref
Structurally deformed MoS2 for electrochemically stable, thermally resistant, and highly efficient hydrogen evolution reaction
Adv. Mater. 29, 1703863 (2017)
Y.-C. Chen, A.-Y. Lu, P. Lu, X. Yang, C.-M. Jiang, O. Lin, J. Hernandez, I.D. Sharp, L.-J. Li, S. Chou, & V. Tung
Online Ref
Understanding the oxygen evolution reaction mechanism on CoOx using operando ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 139, 8960 (2017)
M. Favaro, J. Yang, S. Nappini, E. Magnano, F.M. Toma, E.J. Crumlin, J. Yano, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Determining atomic-scale structure and composition of organo-lead halide perovskites by combining high resolution X-ray absorption spectroscopy and first principles calculations
ACS Energy Lett. 2, 1183 (2017)
W.S. Drisdell, L. Leppert, C.M. Sutter-Fella, Y. Liang, Y. Li, Q.P. Ngo, L.F. Wan, S. Gul, T. Kroll, D. Sokaras, A. Javey, J. Yano, J.B. Neaton, F.M. Toma, D. Prendergast, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Ultrafast charge transfer between light absorber and Co3O4 water oxidation catalyst across molecular wires embedded in silica membrane
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 5458, 139 (2017)
E. Edri, J.K. Cooper, I.D. Sharp, D.M. Guldi, & H.M. Frei
Online Ref
Electronic structure, optoelectronic properties, and photoelectrochemical characteristics of ?-Cu3V2O8 thin films
Chem. Mater. 29, 3334 (2017)
C.-M. Jiang, M. Farmand, C.H. Wu, Y.-S. Liu, J.Guo, W. Drisdell, J.K. Cooper, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Fabrication and optical characterization of polystyrene opal templates for the synthesis of scalable, nanoporous (photo)electrocatalytic materials by electrodeposition
J. Mater. Chem. A 5, 11601 (2017)
E. A. Gaulding, G. Liu, C. T. Chen, L. Löbbert, A. Li, S. Aloni, A. M. Schwartzberg, I. D. Sharp, & F. M. Toma
Online Ref
Probing interfacial energetics and charge transfer kinetics in semiconductor nanocomposites: New insights into heterostructured TiO2/BiVO4 photoanodes
Nano Energy 34, 375 (2017)
L.H. Hess, J.K. Cooper, A. Loiudice, C.-M. Jiang, R. Buonsanti, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Band tailing and deep defect states in CH3NH3Pb(I1-xBrx)3 perovskites as revealed by sub-bandgap photocurrent
ACS Energy Lett. 2, 709 (2017)
C.M. Sutter-Fella, D.W. Miller, Q.P. Ngo, E.T. Roe, F.M. Toma, I.D. Sharp, M.C. Lonergan, & A. Javey
Online Ref
Hybrid composite coatings for durable and efficient solar hydrogen generation under diverse operating conditions
Adv. Energy Mater. 7, 1602791 (2017)
K.A. Walczak, G. Segev, D. Larson, J.W. Beeman, F.A. Houle, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Low pressure vapor-assisted solution process for tunable band gap pinhole-free methylammonium lead halide perovskite films
J. Vis. Exp. 127, e55404 (2017)
C.M. Sutter-Fella, Y. Li, N. Cefarin, A.K. Buckley, Q.P. Ngo, A. Javey, I.D. Sharp, F.M. Toma
Online Ref
Bismuth vanadate as a platform for accelerating discovery and development of complex transition metal oxide photoanodes
ACS Energy Lett. 2, 139 (2017)
I.D. Sharp, J.K. Cooper, F.M. Toma, & R. Buonsanti
Online Ref
Highly active, multi-functional water oxidation catalysts engineered for integration with semiconductor light absorbers by atomic layer deposition
Nature Mater. 16, 335 (2017)
J. Yang, F.M. Toma, J.K. Cooper, M. Favaro, C. Wang, C. Zhu, J. Yano, C. Kisielowski, A. Schwartzberg, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
A 40-Gb/s 1.5-mu m VCSEL Link with a Low-Power SiGe VCSEL Driver and TIA Operated at 2.5 V
Optical fibre Communications Conference and Exhibition (OFC), Los Angeles, California, USA (2017) (2017)
W. C. Soenen, B. Moeneclaey, , X. Yin, S. Spiga, M. C. Amann, C. Neumeyr, , M. Ortsiefer, E. Mentovich, D. Apostolopoulos, P. Bakopoulos, J. Bauwelinck
A few-emitter solid-state multi-exciton laser
Sci. Rep. 7, 7420 (2017)
S. Lichtmannecker, M. Florian, T. Reichert, M. Blauth, F. Jahnke, J. Finley, C. Gies, M. Kaniber
Online Ref
Analysis of GaSb-based vertical cavity surface emitting lasers at Lambda = 3.93 µm
IEEE Photonics conference (IPC), Orlando, Florida, USA (2017)
G. Veerabathran, S. Sprengel, A. Andrejew, M. C. Amann
Anhydrous Ethanol Dehydrogenation on MOCVD-Grown GaN(0001)
C. A. Walenta, S. L. Kollmannsberger, R. N. Pereira, M. Tschurl, M. Stutzmann, U. Heiz
Online Ref
Ballistic and resonant negative photocurrents in semiconducting carbon nanotubes
Phys. Rev. B 95, 161405 (2017)
C. Karnetzky, L. Sponfeldner, M. Engl, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
Broad wavelength coverage 2.3 mu m III-V-on-silicon DFB laser array
Optica 4, 972 (2017)
R. J. Wang, S. Sprengel, G. Boehm, R. Baets, M. C. Amann, G. Roelkens
Collective electronic excitation in a trapped ensemble of photogenerated dipolar excitons and free holes revealed by inelastic light scattering
Phys. Rev. B 95, 85312 (2017)
S. Dietl, S. Wang, D. Schuh, W. Wegscheider, J. P. Kotthaus, A. Pinczuk, A. Holleitner, U. Wurstbauer
Online Ref
Contact morphology and revisited photocurrent dynamics in monolayer MoS2
NPJ 2D Materials and Applications 1, 40 (2017)
E. Parzinger, M. Hetzl, U. Wurstbauer, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
Direct coupling of coherent emission from site-selectively grown III-V nanowire lasers into proximal silicon waveguides
ACS Photonics 4, 2537 (2017)
T. Stettner, T. Kostenbader, D. Ruhstorfer, J. Bissinger, H. Riedl, M. Kaniber, G. Koblmueller, J. Finley
Online Ref
Direct exciton emission from atomically thintransition metal dichalcogenide heterostructuresnear the lifetime limit
Scientific Reports 7, 12383 (2017)
J. Wierzbowski, J. Klein, F. Sigger, C. Straubinger, M. Kremser, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, U. Wurstbauer, A. Holleitner, M. Kaniber, K. Mueller, J. Finley
Online Ref
Doping-Dependent Adsorption and Photon-Stimulated Desorption of CO on GaN(0001)
S. L. Kollmannsberger, C. A. Walenta, A. Winnerl, S. Weiszer, R. N. Pereira, M. Tschurl, M. Stutzmann, U. Heiz
Online Ref
Efficient Electrical Spin Readout of NV- Centers in Diamond
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 37601 (2017)
F. Hrubesch, G. Braunbeck, M. Stutzmann, F. Reinhard, M. S. Brandt
Online Ref
Efficient light-trapping with quasi-periodic uniaxial nanowrinkles for thin-film silicon solar cells
NANO ENERGY 35, 341-349 (2017)
S. K. Ram, D. Desta, R. Rizzoli, B. P. Falcão, E. H. Eriksen, M. Bellettato, B. R. Jeppesen, P. B. Jensen, C. Summonte, R. N. Pereira, A. Nylandsted Larsen, P. Balling
Online Ref
Electrically pumped mid-infrared vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers emitting at3 µm
International Nano-Optoelectronics Workshop (iNOW), Tianjin, Qian'an and Chengde, China (2017) (2017)
A. Andrejew, S. Sprengel, M. C. Amann
Electric-Field Switchable Second-Harmonic Generation in Bilayer MoS2 by Inversion Symmetry Breaking
Nano Lett. 17, 392 (2017)
J. Klein, J. Wierzbowski, A. Steinhoff, M. Florian, M. Rösner, F. Heimbach, K. Mueller, F. Jahnke, T. Wehling, J. Finley, M. Kaniber
Online Ref
Enhanced optical activity of atomically thin MoSe2 proximal to nanoscale plasmonic slot-waveguides
2D Materials 4, 21011 (2017)
M. Blauth, J. Harms, M. Prechtl, J. Finley, M. Kaniber
Online Ref
Enhanced THz emission efficiency of composition-tunable InGaAs nanowire arrays
Appl. Phys. Lett. 110, 201106 (2017)
I. Beleckaite, J. Treu, S. Morkötter, M. Doeblinger, X. Xu, R. Adomavicius, J. Finley, G. Koblmueller, A. Krotkus
Online Ref
Ethanol Surface Chemistry on MBE-grown GaN(0001), GaOx/GaN(0001) and Ga2O3(-201)
S. L. Kollmannsberger, C. A. Walenta, A. Winnerl, F. Knoller, R. N. Pereira, M. Tschurl, M. Stutzmann, U. Heiz
Online Ref
Flat nonlinear optics: metasurfaces for efficient frequency mixing
Proceedings, High Contrast Metastructures VI 10113, doi: 10.1117/12.2255915 (2017)
N. Nookala, J. Lee, Y. N. Liu, W. Bishop, M. Tymchenko, J. S. Gomez-Diaz, F. Demmerle, G. Boehm, M. C. Amann, O. Wolf, I. Brener, A. Alu, M. A. Belkin
Frequency response of electrolyte-gated graphene electrodes and transistors
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50, 95304 (2017)
S. Drieschner, A. Guimerà, R. G. Cortadella, D. Viana, E. Makrygiannis, B. M
Online Ref
GaAs-AlGaAs core-shell nanowire lasers on silicon: Invited Review
Semicond. Sci. Techol. Topical Review (2017)
G. Koblmueller, B. Mayer, T. Stettner, G. Abstreiter, J. Finley
Online Ref
GaSb-based Electrically-Pumped Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers for the 3-4 µm Wavelength Range
CLEO: science and Innovations, San Jose, California, USA (2017)
G. Veerabathran, S. Sprengel, A. Andrejew, M. C. Amann
Online Ref
GaSb-based VCSELs emitting at 4 µm using type-II quantum wells
European VCSEL Day 2017, Cardiff, UK (2017)
G. Veerabathran, S. Sprengel, A. Andrejew, M. C. Amann
GaSb-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers at 4 µm using type-II quantum wells
International Nano-Optoelectronics Workshop (iNOW), Tianjin, Qian'an and Chengde, China (2017) Winner of 'Best Poster Award 2017' (First Place) (2017)
G. Veerabathran, S. Sprengel, A. Andrejew, M. C. Amann
Homoepitaxial growth of high quality (111)-oriented single crystalline diamond
Diam. Relat. Mater. 72, 41 - 46 (2017)
C. J. Widmann, M. Hetzl, S. Drieschner, C. E. Nebel
Online Ref
Hydrogen evolution activity of individual mono-, bi-, and few-layer MoS2 towards photocatalysis
Applied Materials Today 8, 132 (2017)
E. Parzinger, E. Mitterreiter, M. Stelzer, F. Kreupl, J. W. Ager, A. Holleitner, U. Wurstbauer
Online Ref
III-V-on-Silicon Photonic Integrated Circuits for Spectroscopic Sensing in the 2-4 mu m Wavelength Range
Sensors 17, 1788 (2017)
R. J. Wang, A. Vasiliev, M. Muneeb, A. Malik, S. Sprengel, G. Boehm, M. C. Amann, I. Simonyte, A. Vizbaras, K. Vizbaras, R. Baets, G. Roelkens
Light matter interaction in transition metal dichalcogenides and their heterostructures
J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 50 (2017)
U. Wurstbauer, B. Miller, E. Parzinger, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
Light-induced nonthermal population of optical phonons in nanocrystals
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 95, 115439 (2017)
B. P. Falcão, J. P. Leitão, M. R. Correia, M. R. Soares, H. Wiggers, A. Cantarero, R. N. Pereira
Online Ref
Long-lived direct and indirect interlayer excitons in van der Waals heterostructures
Nano Letters 17, 5229 (2017). (2017)
B. Miller, A. Steinhoff, B. Pano, J. Klein, F. Jahnke, A. Holleitner, U. Wurstbauer
Online Ref
Long-term mutual phase locking of picosecond pulse pairs generated by a semiconductor nanowire laser
Nature Comm. 8, 15521 (2017)
B. Mayer, A. Regler, S. Sterzl, T. Stettner, G. Koblmueller, M. Kaniber, B. Lingnau, K. Luedge, J. Finley
Online Ref
Mapping brain activity with flexible graphene micro-transistors
2D Materials 4, 25040 (2017)
B. Blaschke, N. Tort-Colet, A. Guimerà-Brunet, J. Weinert, L. Rousseau, A. Heimann, S. Drieschner, O. Kempski, R. Villa, M. V. Sanchez-Vives, J. A. Garrido
Online Ref
Material aspects of 3D topological insulators
Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry, 1st Edition (2017)
P. Seifert, C. Kastl, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
Measurement of the in-plane thermal conductivity by steady-state infrared thermography
Rev. Sci. Instrum. 88, 44903 (2017)
A. Greppmair, B. Stoib, N. Saxena, C. Gerstberger, P. Müller-Buschbaum, M. S. Brandt, M. Stutzmann
Online Ref
Morphology-Function Relationship of Thermoelectric Nanocomposite Films from PEDOT:PSS with Silicon Nanoparticles
Adv. Electron. Mater. 137, 1700181 (2017)
N. Saxena, M. Coric, A. Greppmair, J. Wernecke, M. Pflüger, M. Krumrey, M. S. Brandt, E. Herzig, P. Müller-Buschbaum
Online Ref
Nanometer-scale resolved cathodoluminescence imaging: New insights into GaAs/AlGaAs core-shell nanowire lasers
Microscopy and Microanalysis 23, 1470 (2017)
M. Mueller, P. Veit, B. Loitsch, J. Winnerl, S. Matich, F. Bertram, G. Koblmueller, J. Finley, J. Christen
Narrow-linewidth ultrabroadband terahertz sources based on difference-frequency generation in mid- infrared quantum cascade lasers
Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XIV (Photonics West 2017), Proceedings of SPIE, Vol. 10123, San francisco, California, USA (2017)
S. Jung, Y. F. Jiang, J. H. Kima, L. Consolino, S. Bartalini, P. De Natale, M. Vitiello, K. Fujita, M. Hitaka, A. Ito, J. Kirch, D. Botez, F. Demmerle, G. Boehm, M. C. Amann, M. A. Belkin
Optoelectronic properties and depth profile of charge transport in nanocrystal films
PHYSICAL REVIEW B 96, 35404 (2017)
W. Aigner, O. Bienek, D. Desta, H. Wiggers, M. Stutzmann, R. N. Pereira
Online Ref
Optoelectronics of topological surfaces
Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry, 1st Edition (2017)
P. Seifert, C. Kastl, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
Overflow of a dipolar exciton trap at high magnetic fields
Superlattices and Microstructures: special issue on indirect excitons 108, 42-50 (2017)
S. Dietl, K. Kowalik-Seidl, D. Schuh, W. Wegscheider, A. Holleitner, U. Wurstbauer
Online Ref
Photo-induced changes of the surface band bending in GaN: Influence of growth technique, doping and polarity
A. Winnerl, R. N. Pereira, M. Stutzmann
Online Ref
Polarity Control of Heteroepitaxial GaN Nanowires on Diamond
Nano Lett. 17, 3582-3590 (2017)
M. Hetzl, M. Kraut, T. Hoffmann, M. Stutzmann
Online Ref
Protecting a Diamond Quantum Memory by Charge State Control
Nano Lett. 17, 5931–5937 (2017)
M. Pfender, N. Aslam, P. Simon, D. Antonov, G. Thiering, S. Burk, F. Fávaro de Oliveira, A. Denisenko, H. Fedder, J. Meijer, J. A. Garrido, A. Gali, T. Teraji, J. Isoya, M. W. Doherty, A. Alkauskas, A. Gallo, A. Grüneis, P. Neumann, J. Wrachtrup
Online Ref
Room-temperature vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers at 4 µm with GaSb-based type-II quantum wells
Applied Physics Letters 110, 71104 (2017)
G. Veerabathran, S. Sprengel, A. Andrejew, M. C. Amann
Online Ref
Silicon Nanocrystal Superlattice Nucleation and Growth
LANGMUIR 33, 13068 (2017)
A. Guillaussier, Y. Yu, V. Reddy Voggu, W. Aigner, C. Saez Cabezas, D. W. Houck, T. Shah, D. M. Smilgies, R. N. Pereira, M. Stutzmann, B. A. Korgel
Online Ref
Single Stack Active Region Nonlinear Quantum Cascade Lasers for Improved THz Emission
IEEE Photonics Journal 9, 1 (2017)
F. Demmerle, J. Bissinger, W. Oberhausen, D. Burghart, J. Krakofsky, H. Schmeiduch, G. Boehm, M. C. Amann
Online Ref
Spectroscopic imaging ellipsometry for automated search of flakes ofmono- and n-layers of 2D-materials
Applied Surface Science B 421, 435 (2017)
S. Funke, U. Wurstbauer, B. Miller, A. Matkovic, A. Green, A. Diebold, C. Röling, P. H. Thiesen
Online Ref
Surface passivation and self-regulated shell growth in selective area-grown GaN-(Al,Ga)N core-shell nanowires
Nanoscale 9, 7179-7188 (2017)
M. Hetzl, J. Winnerl, L. Francaviglia, M. Kraut, M. Doblinger, S. Matich, A. Fontcuberta i Morral, M. Stutzmann
Online Ref
Surface state-dominated photoconduction and THz-generation in topological Bi2Te2Se-nanowires
Nano Letters 17, 973 (2017)
P. Seifert, K. Vaklinova, K. Kern, M. Burghard, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
Symmetry and toplogy concepts
Encyclopedia of Interfacial Chemistry, 1st Edition (2017)
P. Seifert, C. Kastl, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
THz surface emission by difference frequency generation in quantum cascade lasers
42nd International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves (2017)
F. Demmerle, D. Burghart, W. Oberhausen, A. Wolf, G. K. Veerabathran, J. Krakofsky, H. Schmeiduch, G. Boehm, M. C. Amann
Online Ref
Topological Insulators as Ultrafast Auston Switches in On-Chip THz-Circuits
IEEE J. Sel. topics Quantum Electron. 23, 8700305 (2017)
C. Kastl, C. Karnetzky, A. Brenneis, F. Langrieger, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
Transient thermal analysis of semiconductor diode lasers under pulsed operation
AIP Advances 7, 25208 (2017)
G. Veerabathran, S. Sprengel, S. Karl, A. Andrejew, H. Schmeiduch, M. C. Amann
Online Ref
Transversely superimposed gratings for narrow far-field terahertz surface emission of nonlinear quantum cascade lasers
Optical Engineering 57, 11007 (2017)
F. Demmerle, W. Oberhausen, D. Burghart, A. Wolf, G. Veerabathran, J. Krakofsky, H. Schmeiduch, G. Boehm, M. C. Amann
Online Ref

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