Walter Schottky Institute
Center for Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

WSI-related Publications for year:

AlGaAs/GaAs double-heterostructure superluminescent diodes for optical transmission systems
Frequenz 33, 278-283 (1979)
J. Boeck, M. C. Amann
Coupled Plasmon-L0 Phonon Modes and Lindhard-Mermin Dielectric Function of n-GaAs
Solid State Communications 30, 703-707 (1979)
G. Abstreiter, R. Trommer, M. Cardona, A. Pinczuk
Effects of Uniaxial Stress on the Cyclotron Resonance in Inversion Layers on Si (100)
Solid State Communications 32, 655-658 (1979)
P. Stallhofer, J. P. Kotthaus, G. Abstreiter
High-efficiency superluminescent diodes for optical-fibre transmission
Electronics Letters 15, 41-42 (1979)
M. C. Amann, J. Boeck
Inelastic Light Scattering from a Quasi-Two-Dimensional Electron System in GaAs-
Phys. Rev. Lett. 42 (1979)
G. Abstreiter, K. Ploog
Modulation bandwidth of superluminescent diodes for optical-fibre transmission
Archiv für Elektronik und Übertragungstechnik, 33 (1979) 64-66 (1979)
M. C. Amann, J. Boeck
New stripe-geometry laser with simplified fabrication process
Electronics Letters 15, 441-442 (1979)
M. C. Amann
Phonon Raman Scattering from Spin Superstructures: Magnetic Bragg Scattering
J. of Magnetism and Magn. Mat. 13, 187-188 (1979)
G. Güntherodt, R. Merlin, W. Bauhofer, G. Abstreiter
Resonance Enhancement of Raman Scattering by Electron-Gas Excitations of n-GaAs
Solid State Communications 30, 429-432 (1979)
A. Pinczuk, G. Abstreiter, R. Trommer, M. Cardona
Small-area GaAs-GaAlAs heterostructure light-emitting diode with improved current confinement
Electronics Letters 15, 599-600 (1979)
M. C. Amann, W. Proebster

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