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WSI-related Publications for year:

Designing Multifunctional Cobalt Oxide Layers for Efficient and Stable Electrochemical Oxygen Evolution
Advanced Materials Interfaces, in press (2022)
M. Kuhl, A. Henning, L. Haller, L.I. Wagner, C.-M. Jiang, V. Streibel, I.D. Sharp, J. Eichhorn
Online Ref
Strong Induced Circular Dichroism in a Hybrid Lead-Halide Semiconductor Using Chiral Amino Acids for Crystallite Surface Functionalization
Advanced Optical Materials, in press (2022)
M.W. Heindl, T. Kodalle, N. Fehn, L.K. Reb, S. Liu, C. Harder, M. Abdelsamie, L. Eyre, I.D. Sharp, S.V. Roth, P. Müller-Buschbaum, A. Kartouzian, C.M. Sutter-Fella, F. Deschler
Online Ref
The 2022 Solar Fuels Roadmap
J. Phys. D in press (2022)
G. Segev, J. Kibsgaard, C. Hahn, Z.J. Xu, W.-H. Cheng, T. Deutsch, C. Xiang, J.Z. Zhang, L. Hammarstrom, D. Nocera, A.Z. Weber, P. Agbo, T. Hisatomi, F. Osterloh, K. Domen, F.F. Abdi, S. Haussener, D. Miller, S. Ardo, P.C. McIntyre, T. Hannappel, S. Hu, H.A. Atwater, J. Gregoire, M.Z. Ertem, I.D. Sharp, K.-S. Choi, J.S. Lee, O. Ishitani, J.W. Ager, R. Ramanujam Prabhakar, A.T. Bell, S. Boettcher, K. Vincent, K. Takanabe, V. Artero, R. Napier, B. Roldan Cuenya, M. Koper, R. Van de Krol, F. Houle
Online Ref
Heat-mode excitation in a proximity superconductor
Nanomaterials 12, 1461 (2022)
A. Denisov, A. Bubis, S. Piatrusha, N. Titova, A. Nasibulin, J. Becker, J. Treu, D. Ruhstorfer, G. Koblmueller, E. Tikhonov, V. Khrapai
Online Ref
Solution-based synthesis of wafer-scale epitaxial BiVO4 thin films exhibiting high structural and optoelectronic quality
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10, 12026 (2022)
V.F. Kunzelmann, C.-M. Jiang, I. Ihrke, E. Sirotti, T. Rieth, A. Henning, J. Eichhorn, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
Berry curvature-induced local spin polarisation in gated graphene/WTe2 heterostructures
Nature Comm 13, 3152 (2022)
L. Powalla, J. Kiemle, E. J. König, A. P. Schnyder, J. Knolle , K. Kern, A.W. Holleitner, C. Kastl, M. Burghard
Online Ref
Defect-engineered magnetic field dependent optoelectronics of vanadium doped tungsten diselenide monolayers
accepted (2022)
K. Nisi, J. Kiemle, L. Powalla, A. Scavuzzo, T. Dung Nguyen, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, D. Loc Duong, M. Burghard, A.W. Holleitner, C. Kastl
Exploiting Heat Transfer to Achieve Efficient Photoelectrochemical CO2 Reduction under Light Concentration
Energy and Environmental Science 15, 2061 (2022)
T. Kistler, M.Y. Um, J.K. Cooper, I.D. Sharp, P. Agbo
Online Ref
Multimodal interference and bound in the continuum modes in indirectly-patterned hyperbolic cavities
submitted arXiv:2202.08611 (2022)
H. Herzig Sheinfux, L. Orsini, M. Jung, I. Torre, M. Ceccanti, R. Maniyara, D. Barcons Ruiz, A. Hötger, R. Bertini, S. Castilla, N.C.H. Hesp, E. Janzen, A.W. Holleitner, V. Pruneri, J.H. Edgar, G. Shvets, F.H.L. Koppens
Online Ref
Single-Photon Emitters in Layered Van der Waals Materials
Phys. Stat. Sol. b ASAP (2022)
S. Michaelis de Vansconcellos, D. Wigger, U. Wurstbauer, A. W. Holleitner, R. Bratschitsch, T. Kuhn
Online Ref
Strong coupling and non-local interactions in MoS2 monolayers coupled to high-Q nanocavities
Physical Review Letters 128, 237403 (2022)
C. Qian, V. Villafane, P. Soubelet, A. Hötger, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, N. P. Wilson, A. V. Stier, A. W. Holleitner, J. J. Finley
SnBrP‐A SnIP‐type representative in the Sn-Br-P system
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie, e202100347 (2022)
F. Reiter, M. Pielmeier, A. Vogel, C. Jandl, M. Plodinec, C. Rohner, T. Lunkenbein, K. Nisi, A. W. Holleitner, T. Nilges
Online Ref
Optical dipole orientation of interlayer excitons in MoSe2 WSe2 heterostacks
Phys. Rev. B 105, 035417 (2022)
L. Sigl, M. Troue, M. Katzer, M. Selig, F. Sigger, J. Kiemle, M. Brotons-Gisbert, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, B. D. Gerardot, A. Knorr, U. Wurstbauer, A. W. Holleitner
Online Ref
Surface NMR using quantum sensors in diamond
PNAS 119, e2111607119 (2022)
K.S. Liu, A. Henning, M.W. Heindl, R.D. Allert, J.D. Bartl, I.D. Sharp, R. Rizzato, D.B. Bucher
Online Ref
An All-Dielectric Polaritonic Metasurface with a Giant Nonlinear Optical Response
Nano Letters (2022)
R. Sarma, J. Xu, D. De Ceglia, L. Carletti, S. Campione, J. Klem, M.B. Sinclair, M.A. Belkin, I. Brener
Online Ref
Electrically tunable nonlinear polaritonic metasurface
Nat. Photon. 16, 72-78 (2022)
J. Yu, S. Park, I. Hwang, D. Kim, F. Demmerle, G. Boehm, M.-C. Amann, M.A. Belkin, J. Lee
Online Ref
Electronically Tunable Transparent Conductive Thin Films for Scalable Integration of 2D Materials with Passive 2D–3D Interfaces
Advanced Functional Materials 32, 2111343 (2022)
T. Grünleitner, A. Henning, M. Bissolo, A. Kleibert, C.A.F. Vaz, A.V. Stier, J.J. Finley, I.D. Sharp
Online Ref
The Influence of CsBr on Crystal Orientation and Optoelectronic Properties of MAPbI3-Based Solar Cells
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 14, 2958 (2022)
Y. Zou, S. Yuan, A. Buyruk, J. Eichhorn, S. Yin, M.A. Reus, T. Xiao, S. Pratap, S. Liang, C.L. Weindl, W. Chen, C. Mu, I.D. Sharp, T. Ameri, M. Schwartzkopf, S.V. Roth, P. Müller-Buschbaum
Online Ref
Tuning the Optical Properties of an MoSe2 Monolayer Using Nanoscale Plasmonic Antennas
Nano Letters 22, 2, 561-569 (2022)
M. M. Petrić, M. Kremser, M. Barbone, A. Nolinder, A. Lyamkina, A. V. Stier, M. Kaniber, K. Mueller, J. J. Finley
Online Ref

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