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Dr. Anna Cattani-Scholz
Sub-Group Leader

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Tel.: (+49) 089 289 11535


Modular Assembly of Vibrationally and Electronically Coupled Rhenium Bipyridine Carbonyl Complexes on Silicon
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 143, 19505 (2021)
J.D. Bartl, C. Thomas, A. Henning, M.F. Ober, G. Savasci, B. Yazdanshenas, P.S. Deimel, E. Magnano, F. Bondino, P. Zeller, L. Gregoratti, M. Amati, C. Paulus, F. Allegretti, A. Cattani-Scholz, J.V. Barth, C. Ochsenfeld, B. Nickel, I.D. Sharp, M. Stutzmann, B. Rieger
Online Ref
Manifold Coupling Mechanisms of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides to Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticle Arrays
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122, 9663 (2018)
S. Diefenbach, E. Parzinger, J. Kiemle, J. Wierzbowski, S. Funke, B. Miller, R. Csiki, P. Thiesen, A. Cattani-Scholz, U. Wurstbauer, A. Holleitner
Online Ref
Photocurrent Generation in Diamond Electrodes Modified with Reaction Centers
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 7 (15), 8099 (2015)
R. Caterino, R. Csiki, A. Lyuleeva, J. Pfisterer, M. Wiesinger, S. D. Janssens, K. Haenen, A. Cattani-Scholz, M. Stutzmann, J. A. Garrido
Online Ref
Organophosphonates as model system for studying electronic transport through monolayers on SiO2/Si surfaces
102 (2013)
A. Bora, A. Pathak, K. C. Liao, M. I. Vexler, A. Kuligk, A. Cattani-Scholz, B. Meinerzhagen, G. Abstreiter, J. Schwartz, M. Tornow
Online Ref
Molecular Architecture: Construction of Self-Assembled Organophosphonate Duplexes and Their Electrochemical Characterization
28, 7889-7896 (2012)
A. Cattani-Scholz, K. C. Liao, A. Bora, A. Pathak, C. Hundschell, B. Nickel, J. Schwartz, G. Abstreiter, M. Tornow
Online Ref
A New Molecular Architecture for Molecular Electronics
A. Cattani-Scholz, K. C. Liao, A. Bora, A. Pathak, M. Krautloher, B. Nickel, J. Schwartz, M. Tornow, G. Abstreiter
Online Ref
Development and characterization of EIS structures based on SiO2 micropillars and pores before and after their functionalization with phosphonate films
phys. stat. sol. (a) 208, 1333 (2011)
M. Hofmann, A. Cattani-Scholz, A. D. Mallorqui, I. D. Sharp, A. Fontcuberta i Morral, L. Moreno Codinachs
Online Ref
PNA-PEG Modified Silicon Platforms as Functional Bio-Interfaces for Applications in DNA Microarrays and Biosensors
Biomacromolecules 10, 489-496 (2009)
A. Cattani-Scholz, D. Pedone, F. Blobner, G. Abstreiter, J. Schwartz, M. Tornow, L. Andruzzi
Online Ref
Organophosphonate-Based PNA-Functionalization of Silicon Nanowires for Label-Free DNA Detection
ACSNano 2, 1653-1660 (2008)
A. Cattani-Scholz, D. Pedone, M. Dubey, S. Neppl, B. Nickel, P. Feulner, J. Schwartz, G. Abstreiter, M. Tornow
Online Ref
Single molecule force spectroscopy of azobenzene polymers: Switching elasticity of single photochromic macromolecules
Macromolecules 36, 2015-2023 (2003)
N. B. Holland, T. Hugel, G. Neuert, A. Cattani-Scholz, C. Renner, D. Oesterhelt, L. Moroder, M. Seitz, H. E. Gaub
Photomodulation of the redox and folding adjuvant properties of bis(cysteinyl) peptides
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2144-2150 (2002)
C. Cabrele, A. Cattani-Scholz, C. Renner, R. Behrendt, D. Oesterhelt, L. Moroder
Photoresponsive cyclic bis(cysteinyl)peptides as catalysts of oxidative protein folding
Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 41, 289 (2002)
A. Cattani-Scholz, C. Renner, C. Cabrele, R. Behrendt, D. Oesterhelt, L. Moroder
Single-molecule optomechanical cycle
Science 296, 1103-1106 (2002)
T. Hugel, N. B. Holland, A. Cattani-Scholz, L. Moroder, M. Seitz, H. E. Gaub
Photoresponsive dendritic azobenzene peptides
Chembiochem 2, 542-549 (2001)
A. Cattani-Scholz, C. Renner, D. Oesterhelt, L. Moroder
A novel electroneutral anion host based on organoboron betaines
Journal Fur Praktische Chemie-Chemiker-Zeitung 341, 291-296 (1999)
A. Cattani-Scholz, F. P. Schmidtchen
Porphyrin-polyazacryptand conjugates: Novel receptors for nucleotides
Tetrahedron 55, 7829-7834 (1999)
V. Kral, A. Cattani-Scholz, A. Sinica, F. P. Schmidtchen
Cyclophanes as neutral receptors for quaternary ammonium and iminium cations in chloroform solution.
Journal of Organic Chemistry 60, 8313-8314 (1995)
A. Cattani-Scholz, A. D. Cort, L. Mandolini

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