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Structural properties of graded InxGa1-xAs metamorphic buffer layers for quantum dots emitting in the telecom bands
Materials for Quantum Technology 3, 035004 (2023)
B. Scaparra, A. Ajay, P.S. Avdienko, Y. Xue, H. Riedl, P. Kohl, B. Jonas, B. Costa, E. Sirotti, P. Schmiedeke, V. Villafañe, I.D. Sharp, E. Zallo, G. Koblmueller, J.J. Finley, K. Mueller
Online Ref
Coherent Dynamics of the Swing-Up Excitation Technique
arXiv:2211.14289 (2022)
K. Boos, F. Sbresny, S. K. Kim, M. Kremser, H. Riedl, F. Bopp, W. Rauhaus, B. Scaparra, K. D. Jöns, J. J. Finley, K. Müller, L. Hanschke
Online Ref
Quantum Dot Molecule Devices with Optical Control of Charge Status and Electronic Control of Coupling
Adv. Quantum. Technol. 5, 2200049 (2022)
F. Bopp, J. Rojas, N. Revenga, H. Riedl, F. Sbresny, K. Boos, T. Simmet, A. Ahmadi, D. Gershoni, J. Kasprzak, A. Ludwig, S. Reitzenstein, A. Wieck, D. Reuter, K. Mueller, J. J. Finley
Online Ref
Role of twin defects on the growth dynamics and size distribution of undoped and Si-doped GaAs nanowires by selective area epitaxy
Journal of Applied Physics 132, 204302 (2022)
D. Ruhstorfer, M. Döblinger, H. Riedl, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Stimulated Generation of Indistinguishable Single Photons from a Quantum Ladder System
Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 093603 (2022)
F. Sbresny, L. Hanschke, E. Schöll, W. Rauhaus, B. Scaparra, K. Boos, H. Riedl, J. J. Finley, K. Jöns, K. Mueller
Online Ref
Epitaxial type-I and type-II InAs-AlAsSb core-shell nanowires on silicon
Appl. Phys. Lett. 119, 193102 (2021)
F. Del Giudice, S. Fust, P. Schmiedeke, J. Pantle, M. Döblinger, A. Ajay, S. Meder, H. Riedl, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Growth dynamics and compositional structure in periodic InAsSb nanowire arrays on Si(111) by selective area molecular beam epitaxy
Nanotechnology 32, 135604 (2021)
D. Ruhstorfer, A. Lang, S. Matich, M. Döblinger, H. Riedl, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Ultrathin catalyst-free InAs nanowires on silicon with distinct 1D sub-band transport properties
Nanoscale 12, 21857 (2020)
F. Del Giudice, J. Becker, C. de Rose, M. Döblinger, D. Ruhstorfer, L. Suomenniemi, J. Treu, H. Riedl, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Contact architecture controls conductance in monolayer devices
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12, 28446 (2020)
K. Saller, K.-C. Liao, H. Riedl, P. Lugli, G. Koblmueller, J. Schwartz, M. Tornow
Online Ref
Demonstration of n-type behavior in catalyst-free Si-doped GaAs nanowires by molecular beam epitaxy
Applied Physics Letters 116, 052101 (2020)
D. Ruhstorfer, S. Mejia, M. Ramsteiner, M. Döblinger, H. Riedl, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
The one-step transfer printing of patterned nanogap electrodes
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 37, 040602 (2019)
K. Saller, H. Riedl, P. Lugli, G. Koblmueller, M. Tornow
Online Ref
Tuning Lasing Emission toward Long Wavelengths in GaAs-(In,Al)GaAs Core–Multishell Nanowires
Nano Letters 18, 6292 (2018)
T. Stettner, A. Thurn, M. Döblinger, M. O. Hill, J. Bissinger, P. Schmiedeke, S. Matich, T. Kostenbader, D. Ruhstorfer, H. Riedl, M. Kaniber, L. J. Lauhon, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Carrier concentration dependent photoluminescence properties of Si-doped InAs nanowires
Appl. Phys. Lett. 112, 091904 (2018)
M. Sonner, J. Treu, K. Saller, H. Riedl, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Correlated chemical and electrically active dopant analysis in catalyst-free Si-doped InAs nanowires
ACS Nano 12, 1603 (2018)
J. Becker, M. O. Hill, M. Sonner, J. Treu, M. Döblinger, A. Hirler, H. Riedl, J. Finley, L. J. Lauhon, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Direct coupling of coherent emission from site-selectively grown III-V nanowire lasers into proximal silicon waveguides
ACS Photonics 4, 2537 (2017)
T. Stettner, T. Kostenbader, D. Ruhstorfer, J. Bissinger, H. Riedl, M. Kaniber, G. Koblmueller, J. Finley
Online Ref
Widely tunable alloy composition and crystal structure in catalyst-free InGaAs nanowire arrays grown by selective area molecular beam epitaxy
Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 053110 (2016)
J. Treu, M. Speckbacher, K. Saller, S. Morkoetter, M. Doeblinger, X. Xu, H. Riedl, G. Abstreiter, J. J. Finley, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Suppression of alloy fluctuations in GaAs-AlGaAs core-shell nanowires
Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 093105 (2016)
B. Loitsch, N. Jeon, M. Doeblinger, J. Winnerl, E. Parzinger, S. Matich, U. Wurstbauer, H. Riedl, G. Abstreiter, J. J. Finley, L. J. Lauhon, G. Koblmueller
Online Ref
Coaxial GaAs-AlGaAs core-multishell nanowire lasers with epitaxial gain control
Appl. Phys. Lett. 108, 11108 (2016)
T. Stettner, P. Zimmermann, B. Loitsch, M. Döblinger, A. Regler, B. Mayer, J. Winnerl, S. Matich, H. Riedl, M. Kaniber, G. Abstreiter, G. Koblmueller, J. Finley
Online Ref
Optical control of nonlinearly dressed states in an individual quantum dot
Phys. Rev. B 93, 165305 (2016)
P. L. Ardelt, M. Koller, T. Simmet, L. Hanschke, A. Bechtold, A. Regler, J. Wierzbowski, H. Riedl, J. J. Finley, K. Mueller
Online Ref
Towards pxn transverse thermoelectrics: extreme anisotropic conduction in bulk doped semiconductor thin films via proton implantation
SPIE OPTO 9765, 976508 (2016)
Y. Tang, G. Koblmueller, H. Riedl, M. Grayson
Online Ref
Controlled tunneling-induced dephasing of Rabi rotations for high fidelity hole spin initialization
Phys. Rev. B 92, 115306 (2015)
P. L. Ardelt, T. Simmet, K. Mueller, C. Dory, K. A. Fischer, A. Bechtold, A. Kleinkauf, H. Riedl, J. Finley
Online Ref
Dissipative preparation of the exciton and biexciton in self-assembled quantum dots on picosecond timescales
Phys. Rev. B 90, 241404 (2014)
P. L. Ardelt, L. Hanschke, K. A. Fischer, K. Mueller, A. Kleinkauf, M. Koller, A. Bechtold, T. Simmet, J. Wierzbowski, H. Riedl, G. Abstreiter, J. Finley
Online Ref
Ferromagnetic Ge(Mn) nanostructures
Physica E 32, 422-425 (2006)
S. Ahlers, D. Bougeard, H. Riedl, G. Abstreiter, A. Trampert, W. Kipferl, M. Sperl, A. Bergmaier, G. Dollinger
Long relaxation times of holes in Si/SiGe quantum cascade structures with a diagonal intersubband transition
Physica E 21, 779-782 (2004)
I. Bormann, K. Brunner, S. Hackenbuchner, H. Riedl, S. Schmult, W. Wegscheider, G. Abstreiter
Structural and optical properties of vertically correlated Ge island layers grown at low temperatures
Materials Science and Engineering B 89, 54-57 (2002)
M. Herbst, C. Schramm, K. Brunner, T. Asperger, H. Riedl, G. Abstreiter, A. Vörckel, H. Kurz, E. Müller
Photo- and electroluminescence characterization of erbium doped SiGe
J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 16 (1998)
E. Neufeld, A. Sticht, K. Brunner, H. Riedl, G. Abstreiter

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