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BSc Physics Mentoring
Lecturer:Martin Brandt
Time and Location:tbd, WSI S301

Experimentelle Methoden der Festkörperspektroskopie
Lecturer:Martin Brandt
For:MSc and Graduate Students
EU-Credits:3 CP
Type:Advanced Seminar
Time and Location:tbd

FoPra Exercise 06: Microwave and Detection Techniques in Electron Spin Resonance
Lecturer:Martin Brandt
For:MSc Students
Type:practical training
Time and Location:tbd
TUM-ID: 0000003545

Schottky Seminar
Lecturer:M. Brandt, J. Finley, A. Holleitner, I. Sharp, M. Stutzmann
For:BSc, MSc, Doctoral Candidates, PostDocs
Time and Location:Tue, tbd, WSI S101 or ZNN 0.001

Semiconductor Electronic and Photonic Devices
Lecturer:Martin Brandt
For:MSc Students
EU-Credits:5 CP
Time and Location:Thu 14:00-16:00, ZNN 0.001

Topical Issues in Magneto- and Spintronics
Lecturer:Martin Brandt, Hans Hübl
For:BSc, MSc and Graduate Students
EU-Credits:4 CP
Type:Advanced Seminar
Time and Location:Wed 11:30-13:00, WSI S101

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