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Welcome to the Quantum Sensing - Group
Group leader: Dr. Friedemann Reinhard (Emmy Noether fellow)


Research in our group focuses on quantum sensors and their applications, with a particular focus on applications in the life sciences.

[Reinhard 1] As one of our foremost goals we aim to demonstrate nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) on single biomolecules. This ambitious vision has recently become a realistic prospect by the use of color centers in diamond as nanoscale NMR detectors. These atomic-size crystal defects can serve as a quantum sensor for magnetic fields. Today, we routinely employ them to detect the nuclear magnetization of a sample volume as small as few nanometers, comparable in size to a single biomolecule.

More information can be found on our research page.

We are currently looking for new colleagues on the PhD and  postdoc level to join. Please have a look at our job opening!

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