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Welcome to the Quantum Control - Group
Group leader: Dr. Kai Mueller (Chair of Prof. Dr. Jonathan Finley)


[Müller Group] Our group investigates how one might be able to control and use quantum states in semiconductor nanostructures to realise new technologies. Using optical techniques, we explore spin dynamics and quantum photonic properties of a variety of quantum systems. Whilst being very fundamental and seemingly ethereal, obtaining an understanding of how one can harness such quantum properties is likely to have a major impact on future technologies.

Current research topics:

Quantum optics and spin dynamics of self-assembled quantum dots

[Müller Quantum Dot] We investigate quantum optical methods to prepare, manipulate and readout quantum superposition states in self-assembled quantum dots. Due to their strong optical transitions with almost transform-limited linewidth quantum dots are ideal prototypes for solid-state quantum emitters. Among our current experiments are resonance fluorescence investigations of quantum optical properties of quantum dots as well as investigations of the complex dynamics of single spins confined to quantum dots resulting from interaction with the surrounding nuclear spin bath.

Spin-Valley physics based on two-dimensional crystals

[Müller Device] We investigate Spin-Valley physics with atomically thin two-dimensional crystals such as transition metal dichalcogenides. While structurally being similar to graphene, these crystals exhibit a direct bandgap in the monolayer limit allowing for optical access to spin-valley polarization. Currently, we investigate the possibility to tune quantum properties of two dimensional crystals and heterostructures using field effective devices.



We gratefully acknowledge funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), German Science Foundation (DFG)Nanosystems Initiative Munich (NIM), and the PhD program ExQM of the Elite Network of Bavaria.

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