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Welcome to the Photonic Quantum Engineering - Group
Group leader: Prof. Dr. Kai Mueller


Welcome to the Photonic Quantum Engineering Group of the Department for Electrical and Computer Engineering of TUM led by Prof. Dr. Kai Müller, Professor for Quantum Electronics and Computer Engineering (QEC). Our research focusses on the photonic quantum engineering of building blocks which are essential for all areas of quantum science and technology. Current research areas include:

  • Quantum-optical spectroscopy of quantum emitters and optically-active spin qubits such as semiconductor quantum dots and color centers in diamond

  • Tailoring of nanophotonic structures for enhancing light-matter interactions and for efficient photonic interfacing

  • Development of modular components and fully-integrated quantum-photonic circuits for applications in quantum science and technology

    We closely collaborate with the Chair for Semiconductor Nanostructures and Quantum Systems (SNQS) at TUM-PH led by Jonathan Finley.

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