Semiconductor Quantum Nanosystems | Prof. Jonathan Finley

Experimental Semiconductor Physics| Prof. Martin Stutzmann

Semiconductor Technology | Prof. Markus-Christian Amann

Bionanotechnology and Bioelectronics | Prof. Friedrich Simmel

Collective Quantum Dynamics | Prof. Michael Knap

Nanoimprint technology | Prof. Paolo Lugli

Spins and Defects in Semiconductors | Prof. Martin S. Brandt

Hybrid Nanosystems - Nanoscale Optoelectronics | Prof. Alexander Holleitner

Biomolecular Nanotechnology | Prof. Hendrik Dietz

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Events & News

21 Mar 2016

IBM Ph.D. Fellowship for Bernhard Loitsch   more

07 Jan 2016

Arnold Sommerfeld Prize 2015 for Gregor Koblmueller!   more

09 Nov 2015

Two Student Awards at Nanowire Growth/Nanowires-2015 Workshop   more

18 May 2015

EMRS Graduate Student Award for Julian Treu   more

27 Mar 2015

Best Paper Student Awards in Nanowire Research   more


May 24, 2016

Modeling and simulation of nanoelectronic (bio)sensor devices with applications to Bio-FETs and novel high-frequency impedance spectroscopy techniques   more