Our weekly Seminar-Schedule

During the semester, i.e. from November through February and from May through July, we regularly invite guest speakers from all over the world to the Walter Schottky Institute. Many of the talks are given in English. In addition, we co-organize many seminars with our colleagues in the physics department of TUM and our sister university Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in downtown Munich. Here is our regular weekly schedule:

Monday, 5.15 pm

Münchner Physik Kolloquium

Takes place either in the physics department (lecture hall #2) or at LMU downtown. Intended for broad non-expert auditorium, level similar to "Physikalische Blätter" or "Scientific American".

Tuesday, 5:15 pm


Takes place at the WSI (lecture hall S101) and is our main seminar on current topics of semiconductor physics. A "must" for all grad students, PhD students and staff of WSI.

Wednesday, 10:15 am


Takes place in the physics department (seminar room #3344) and is our main theory colloquium. Intended for all theorists (high energy, solid state, biophysics), grad students as well as staff. Focuses on new developments in theoretical physics that are of general interest.

Thursday, 5:15 pm


Takes place in the physics department (lecture hall #2). Intended for all solid-state physicists, grad students, PhD students and staff. Intended for a broad auditorium from all areas of condensed matter physics.

Friday, 1:00 pm

PhD seminar (only internal access)

Takes place at the WSI (foyer) and is the seminar for PhD students on current topics of semiconductor physics. A "must" for all grad students and PhD students. List of speakers (only internal access)

In addition, we offer specialized seminars related to our main joint research projects such as the Sonderforschungsbereiche (centers of excellence) and group seminars.

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Events & News

17 Jan 2018

ERC Consolidator Grant for Gregor Koblmüller   more

16 Jan 2018

Light-steering of spin-polarized currents in topological insulators   more

10 Aug 2017

Best Poster Awards for Ganpath Veerabathran and Alexander Andrejew at iNOW 2017   more

27 Jun 2017

Best Poster Award at Nanowire Week for Jochen Bissinger   more

15 Mar 2017

Dr. Kai Müller admitted to the “Junges Kolleg” of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences   more


March 12, 2018

Two-dimensional coherent spectroscopy of a semiconductor microcavity   more

March 05, 2018

Diamond-organic photovoltaics   more