Members of the work group Stutzmann

Scientific Staff

Name Room Direct dial Email
Brandt Martin S. S301 12758 Brandt(at)
Cattani-Scholz Anna S203 11535 Anna.Cattani-scholz(at)
Garrido Jose Antonio S201 12766 JoseAntonio.Garrido(at)
Hao Sijie S110 11469 Sijie.Hao(at)
Koynov Svetoslav S306 12765 Svetoslav.Koynov(at)
Pereira Rui Nuno S303 11361 Pereira(at)
Sharp Ian S205 12750 Sharp(at)
Stutzmann Martin S207 12760 Stutz(at)

Visiting Scientists

Name Room Direct dial Email
Botas Alexandre Alexandre.Botas(at)
Trujillo Ricardo Matias S310 Matias.Trujillo(at)


Name Room Direct dial Email
Figueiredo Joana S206 11561 Joana.Figueiredo(at)

Technical Staff

Name Room Direct dial Email
Fischer Michael S302 12783 Michael.Fischer(at)
Kratzer Bernhard S306 11346 Bernhard.Kratzer(at)
Matich Sonja S110,Z0.005 11569 Sonja.Matich(at)
Paulus Claudia S108 11573 Claudia.Paulus(at)
Schröder Nick N116 12738 Nick.Schroeder(at)

Doctoral Candidates

Name Room Direct dial Email
Bartl Johannes S310 11523 J.Bartl(at)
Blaschke Benno S309 11379 Benno.Blaschke(at)
Casablanca Francesco S310 11340 Francesco.Casablanca(at)
Csiki Reka S309 11463 Reka.Csiki(at)
Drieschner Simon S109 11468 Simon.Drieschner(at)
Eckmann Felix S109 11398 Felix.Eckmann(at)
Franke David S310 11435 David.Franke(at)
Greppmair Anton S304 11306 Anton.Greppmair(at)
Hetzl Martin S106 11314 Martin.Hetzl(at)
Hrubesch Florian S309 11380 Florian.Hrubesch(at)
Kraut Max S106 11356 Max.Kraut(at)
Kupijai Alexander S304 11333 Alexander.Kupijai(at)
Lottner Martin S110 11344 Martin.Lottner(at)
Reitinger Andreas S309 12768 Andreas.Reitinger(at)
Sachsenhauser Matthias S311 11429 Matthias.Sachsenhauser(at)
Schamoni Hannah S109 11479 Hannah.Schamoni(at)
Simon Patrick S109 11330 Patrick.Simon(at)
Suckert Maximilian S311 11377 Maximilian.Suckert(at)
Weiszer Saskia S109 11402 Saskia.Weiszer(at)
Wiesinger Markus S307 11446 Markus.Wiesinger(at)
Winnerl Julia S106 11516 Julia.Winnerl(at)
Winnerl Andrea S310 11480 Andrea.Winnerl(at)
Zeidler Andreas S309 11526 Andreas.Zeidler(at)

Master Students

Name Room Direct dial Email
Beck Philipp C107 11552 Philipp.Beck(at)
Bienek Oliver C201 11475 Oliver.Bienek(at)
Chryssikos Demetrios Domenikos C203 11310 Dom.Chryssikos(at)
Dore Camilla C202 11427 Camilla.Dore(at)
Gremmo Stefano C104 11442 Stefano.Gremmo(at)
Grünleitner Theresa 11497 Theresa.Gruenleitner(at)
Hartz Felix C203 11367 Felix.Hartz(at)
Hausmann Simon C101 11428 Simon.Hausmann(at)
Huang Kan C202 11389 Kan.Huang(at)
Hudeczek Richard C202 11438 Richard.Hudeczek(at)
Jörg Peter C202 11311 Peter.Joerg(at)
Knecht Peter C203 11336 Peter.Knecht(at)
Koch Marvin c203 11439 Marvin.Koch(at)
Kolhep Maximilian C206 11592 Maximilian.Kolhep(at)
Kunzelmann Viktoria C201 11369 Viktoria.Kunzelmann(at)
Meier Tobias C101 11553 Tobias.Meier(at)
Padberg Jennifer C201 11381 Jennifer.Padberg(at)
Pantle Florian C202 11315 Florian.Pantle(at)
Parameswaran Marar Akhil C101 11521 Akhil.Marar(at)
Rauscher Andreas C201 11321 Andreas.Rauscher(at)
Schäble Florian C203 11347 Florian.Schaeble(at)
Schwarzwälder Susanne C201 11522 Susanne.Schwarzwaelder(at)
Seckendorff Maximilian von C206 11578 Maximilian.Seckendorff(at)
Simeth Sebastian C202 11568 Sebastian.Simeth(at)
Stelzer Lukas S304 11405 Lukas.Stelzer(at)
Stoiber Karolina C203 11474 Karolina.Stoiber(at)
Welzel Till C201 11432 Till.Welzel(at)
Wohlketzetter Jörg C206 11413 Joerg.Wohlketzetter(at)

Bachelor Students

Name Room Direct dial Email
Galfe Natalie C101 11517 Natalie.Galfe(at)
Haugeneder Michael C107 Michael.Haugeneder(at)
Selbertinger Jacob Jacob.Selbertinger(at)


Name Room Direct dial Email
Ahmed Safwan Uddin 11572 Safwan.Ahmed(at)
Csoklich Christoph 3073 Christoph.Csoklich(at)
Hoffmann Theresa S106 11528 Theresa.Hoffmann(at)
Hoque Anamul C204 Anamul.Hoque(at)
Röwe Julius Julius.Roewe(at)
Stanley Jared Jared.Stanley(at)
Winklmeier Stephan C107 11567 Stephan.Winklmeier(at)
TUM Technische Universität München TUM Technische Universität München Physik Department Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik TUM Technische Universität München

Events & News

17 Jan 2018

ERC Consolidator Grant for Gregor Koblmüller   more

16 Jan 2018

Light-steering of spin-polarized currents in topological insulators   more

10 Aug 2017

Best Poster Awards for Ganpath Veerabathran and Alexander Andrejew at iNOW 2017   more

27 Jun 2017

Best Poster Award at Nanowire Week for Jochen Bissinger   more

15 Mar 2017

Dr. Kai Müller admitted to the “Junges Kolleg” of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences   more


March 12, 2018

Two-dimensional coherent spectroscopy of a semiconductor microcavity   more

March 05, 2018

Diamond-organic photovoltaics   more