Summer 2015

Lecture and Tutorial "Applied Quantum Mechanics" 

LecturerFriedemann Reinhard (lecture), Alexander Kleinkauf (tutorials)
For whom? BSc 3rd year, MSc, PhD students
Time and Location

Tuesday 10:15 - 11:45

Seminar room WSI S101 (ground floor WSI)

Language: English


Can we find a promising real-world application of quantum mechanics? This question has intrigued physicists for more than half a century. Today, the quantum computer is widely believed to be the most promising one. Interestingly, this belief might turn out to be incomplete. In recent years numerous other applications have emerged that employ quantum mechanical systems as sensors for various physical quantities such as magnetic or electric fields. The lecture is an introduction into these applications. After teaching the language of quantum information processing it will cover various applications such as

  • atomic clocks and GPS
  • superconducting SQUID magnetic field sensors for sensing of currents in the brain 
  • protocols of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and their application in biochemistry 
  • NV centers in diamond and their potential use for imaging of the magnetic fields of single molecules, hard disk write heads and neuronal currents. 
  • decoherence of quantum systems; what it is, how it arises and how it can be mitigated in applications 

Online Resources

Lecture Notes (compiled and digitized by Christina Hofer and Ran Nitzkansky)

Lecture 1 (Reminder Quantum Mechanics) 

Lecture 2 (Single Qubit Gates) 

Lecture 3 (Two-Qubit Gates, Quantum Computing) 

Lecture 4 (Decoherence by dephasing)

Lecture 5 (Quantum Sensing)

Lecture 6 (Magnetometers)

Lecture 7 (Atomic Clocks)

Lecture 8 (Josephson Effect)

Lecture 9 (Superconducting qubits, SQUIDs)

Lecture 10 (Biomolecular NMR)

Lecture 11 (Decoherence by entanglement)

Lecture 12 (Dynamical Decoupling)

Lecture 13 (NV centers, concluding remarks)


Lecture Slides (on separate pwd-protected page for copyright reasons)


Problem Sheets

Sheet 1

Sheet 2 

Sheet 3, Solution to Sheet 3

Sheet 4 

Sheet 5, Solution to Sheet 5

Sheet 6 

Sheet 7 

Sheet 8 

Sheet 9 

Sheet 10 

Sheet 11 

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