Quantum Sensing of weak Radio-Frequency Signals by Pulsed Mollow Absorption Spectroscopy 
T. Joas, A.M. Waeber, G. Braunbeck, F. Reinhard
Nature Communications 8, 964 (2017)

Quantum Sensing
C. Degen, F. Reinhard, P. Cappellaro
Rev. Mod. Phys. 89, 035002 (2017)

Holography of Wi-Fi radiation 
P. M. Holl, F. Reinhard
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 183901 (2017)

Efficient Electrical Spin Readout of NV- Centers in Diamond 

F. M. Hrubesch, G. Braunbeck, M. Stutzmann, F. Reinhard, M.S. Brandt
Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 037601 (2017)


Selected publications before March 2015

Nanoscale nuclear magnetic imaging with chemical contrast

T. Häberle, D. Schmid-Lorch, F. Reinhard, J. Wrachtrup
Nature Nanotechnology, 10, 125 (2015)

Nuclear Magnetic resonance spectroscopy on a (5nm)3 sample volume
T. Staudacher, F. Shi, S. Pezzagna, J. Meijer, J. Du, C.A. Meriles, F. Reinhard, J. Wrachtrup
Science 339, 561 (2013)

Charge state manipulation of qubits in diamond
B. Grotz, M.V. Hauf, M. Dankerl, B. Naydenov,
S. Pezzagna, J. Meijer, F. Jelezko, J. Wrachtrup, M. Stutzmann, F. Reinhard, J. Garrido
Nature Communications 3, 729 (2012)

Tuning a spin bath through the quantum-classical transition
F. Reinhard, F. Shi, N. Zhao, F. Rempp, B. Naydenov, J. Meijer, L.T. Hall, L. Hollenberg, J. Du, R.B. Liu, J. Wrachtrup
Phys. Rev Lett. 108, 200402 (2012)

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