Lectures by members of the Knap group

Lectures held by or in cooperation with the Knap group members are displayed below. In the dropdown-list also older lectures can be selected. Some of the downloadable files for the lectures may be password protected. In order to access these files, please enter the username and password you received from the lecturer.

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Theme Lecturer
Schottky Seminar Prof. Dr. A. Holleitner, Prof. Dr. J. Finley, Prof. Dr. M. S. Brandt, Prof. A.W. Holleitner, Prof. M. Stutzmann, Prof. I. Sharp
TUM Technische Universität München TUM Technische Universität München Physik Department Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik TUM Technische Universität München

Events & News

17 Jan 2018

ERC Consolidator Grant for Gregor Koblmüller   more

16 Jan 2018

Light-steering of spin-polarized currents in topological insulators   more

10 Aug 2017

Best Poster Awards for Ganpath Veerabathran and Alexander Andrejew at iNOW 2017   more

27 Jun 2017

Best Poster Award at Nanowire Week for Jochen Bissinger   more

15 Mar 2017

Dr. Kai Müller admitted to the “Junges Kolleg” of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences   more


March 12, 2018

Two-dimensional coherent spectroscopy of a semiconductor microcavity   more

March 05, 2018

Diamond-organic photovoltaics   more