Optoelectronic Quantum Transport




We explore the optoelectronic quantum transport in nanoscale circuits. Hereby, ballistic, thermoelectric, quantized, and spin-related transport processes are equally explored in mesoscopic circuits as coherently controlled photocurrent- and conductance phenomena.


Recent Highlights 

Ultrafast helicity control of surface currents in topological insulators with near-unity fidelity

Optoelectronic transport through quantum Hall edge states

Propagation length of mesoscopic photocurrents in a 2DEG

Enlarged magnetic focusing radius of photoinduced ballistic currents

Spatially resolved ballistic optoelectronic transport measured by quantized photocurrent spectroscopy

Quantum interference control of femtosecond, µA current bursts in single GaAs nanowires



Markus Betz (Dortmund, Germany), Peter Hänggi (Augsburg), Dieter Schuh (Regensburg, Germany), Werner Wegscheider (Zürich, Switzerland), Jörg P. Kotthaus (LMU München), Sigmund Kohler (Madrid, Spain), Yonqing Li (IOP Beijing, China)


Recent Publications

A list of recent publications can be found here.



Funding by the following institutions is gratefully acknowledged: 

DFG, Priority Program 1285: Semiconductor Spintronics

Nanosystems Initiative Munich

TUM Technische Universität München TUM Technische Universität München Physik Department Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik TUM Technische Universität München


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