Research Areas

The Finley group is performing fundamental experimental and theoretical research exploring the quantum-electronic and -photonic properties of nanostructured matter.  

Quantum NanomaterialsIntegrated Quantum PhotonicsQuantum Control

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Events & News

15 Mar 2017

Dr. Kai Müller admitted to the “Junges Kolleg” of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences   more

27 Feb 2017

Two-photon pulses from a single two-level system   more

05 Aug 2016

Best Poster Award at iNow 2016 for Hannes Schmeiduch   more

27 Jul 2016

Best Poster Award for "Few-QD nanolaser" at PECS-XII   more

13 Jul 2016

Best Poster Award at HeFIB for Julian Klein   more


May 02, 2017

Simulation of mesoscopic solar cells: Challenges and solutions, towards a multiscale approach   more