2 Varian Mod-GenII MBE Systems (AlGaInAsP and AlGaInAsSb)
Home-made Photoluminescence Measurement Setup
FTIR Photoluminescence Measurement Setup Biorad FTS40
X-Ray Diffractometry measurement with STOE STADI
RX-Ray Diffractometer BEDE QC1a
Scanning Electron Microscope Jeol JSM6400 Electron Beam Lithography
Mask Aligner Karl Süss MA6
Mask Aligner Karl Süss MJB3
Surface Profiler Tencor a-Step 200
Surface Profiler Dektak 6M
RIE Etching System Leybold LE303 with 3 Reactors Reactive Ion Etching with Cl2, CH4, CF4 Abscheiden von Si3N4
RIE Etcher Oxford Inbstruments PlasmaLab 80 Plus Structuring of BCB with CF4
Plasma Diagnostics with Optical Emission Spectroscopy Mikropack PlasCalc 2000
Ozone Oxidation Oven
Plasma Processor TePla 300
Plasma Processor TePla 300 E
Sputtering System Materials Research Corporation 8620 for SiO2 and Si3N4
Sputtering System Leybold Z400S for Ti, Pt, and Au
Electron Beam Evaporator Varian VT118 for Al, Ti, Pt, and Au
Electron Beam Evaporator 4TEC R650Q for Metals
Thermal Evaporator for Ge, Ni, and Au
Electron Beam Evaporator for Dielectrics
Home-made Oven for Wet Oxidation
Rapid Thermal Processor AST SHS100
Programmable Heating Ofen Heraeus T6000
Zeiss Axioskop
Zeiss Axioplan with CCD camera Sony DXC 930p
Home-made Hall Mobility Measurement Setup
Ellipsometer SenTech SE400 Advanced
Four Point Probe Station Karl Süss PM5
High Frequency Analysis Probe Station Cascade Summit 9000
Temperature Controlled Measurement Setups for Electrical and Optical Characterization of VCSELs, ...
... Edge-Emitting Lasers, ...
... and Quantum Cascade Lasers (with Cryostat for Low Temperatures)
Xynetics Wafer Prober 1034XA
Home-made Optical Far-Field Measurement Setpu
Programmable Curve Tracer Sony/Tektronix 370
Spectrum Analyzer Rohde&Schwarz FSEM20
Network Analyzer Anritsu MS4662A
Network Analyzer Wiltron 360B
Home-made CV Measurement Setup