Single Photon Source

A photon is the smallest amount of light. An efficient single photon source would enable many applications concerning quantum information technology. Semiconductor technology has the potential to fabricate optoelectronic devices in high quantities at low costs, so the challenge is to fabricate a quantum dot based single photon source, which is emitting at the major telecommunication wavelength of 1.5 µm.
Figure 1: Schematic design of a single photon emitting device and prototype of a single photon emitting device.

Due to the high refractive index contrast between the semiconductor and air interface, only three per cent of the photons are emitted from the surface. Our concept intents to combines a quantum dots as single photon emitter witch a resonator structure targeting high extraction efficiencies. Figure 1 shows a prototype of a device, the three terminal design enables additionally frequency control of the wavelength.



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