Andreas Lippert


Electronic transport at the hydrogen-terminated diamond/electrolyte interface

Due to an increasing demand for health-care applications, research on bio-sensors based on semiconductors attracts great attention. Unfortunately, most common semiconductors like silicon are not bio-compatible, whereas diamond is a very stable material in contact with an aqueous electrolyte. In order to archive conductivity, the diamond is terminated by hydrogen. While the usual electronic properties of diamond have been studied over the years, the electronic transport at the hydrogen-terminated diamond/electrolyte interface is lacking a complete understanding.

Fig. 1. Band scheme of hydrogen-terminated diamond in contact with electrolyte under potential control.
Hydrogen-terminated diamond samples in contact with an electrolyte show a p-type surface conductivity, as revealed in Hall effect experiments. This surface conductivity is based on a two-dimensional hole gas formed by the band bending beneath the surface. It can be modulated by an applied potential through the electrolyte, enabling the design of solution gate field effect transistors (SGFETs). We investigate the surface conductivity of hydrogen-terminated diamond using in-liquid Hall effect measurements under potential control. Thus, we are able to independently determine the carrier concentration and the carrier mobility. Additional research focuses on the charge distribution at the diamond/electrolyte interface which is done by self-consistent calculations using the numerical tool nextnano3.


Hydrophobic Interaction and Charge Accumulation at the Diamond-Electrolyte Interface

Physical Review Letters 106, 196103 (2011)

M. Dankerl | A. Lippert | S. Birner | U. Stützel | M. Stutzmann | J. A. Garrido

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Graphene Solution-Gated Field-Effect Transistor Array for Sensing Applications

Advanced Functional Materials 20, 3117–3124 (2010)

M. Dankerl | M. Hauf | A. Lippert | L. Hess | S. Birner | I. D. Sharp | A. Mahmood | P. Mallet | J. Y. Veuillen | M. Stutzmann | J. A. Garrido

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Electronic transport at the interface between diamond and aqueous electrolyte

DPG Fruehjahrstagung, Dresden, Germany

M. Dankerl | U. Stützel | A. Lippert | M. Stutzmann | J. A. Garrido

TUM Technische Universität München TUM Technische Universität München Physik Department Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik TUM Technische Universität München

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