Dr. John Howgate

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We investigate the interface between gallium nitride wide bandgap semiconductor heterostructures and (bio)molecular systems on their surfaces for biosensing, bioelectronics, and photoelectric applications, with a large emphasis on the processes arising from high energy ionizing irradiation, including heterostructure photoelectric gain mechanisms.


Organic Functionalization of 3C-SiC Surfaces

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 5 (4), pp 1393–1399 (2013)

S. Schoell | M. Sachsenhauser | A. Oliveros | J. Howgate | M. Stutzmann | M. S. Brandt | C. Frewin | S. Saddow | I. D. Sharp

Online Reference

In vitro bio-functionality of gallium nitride sensors for radiation biophysics

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 424 2 348-353 (2012)

M. Hofstetter | J. Howgate | M. Schmid | S. Schoell | M. Sachsenhauser | D. Adigüzel | M. Stutzmann | I. D. Sharp | S. Thalhammer

Online Reference

Ultrahigh gain AlGaN/GaN high energy radiation detectors

Physica Status Solidi (a) Applications and Materials Science 209 8 1562-1567 (2012)

Article Featured on Front Cover

J. Howgate | M. Hofstetter | S. Schoell | M. Schmid | S. Schäfer | I. Zizak | V. Hable | C. Greubel | G. Dollinger | S. Thalhammer | M. Stutzmann | I. D. Sharp

Online Reference

Development and evaluation of gallium nitride-based thin films for x-ray dosimetry

Physics in Medicine and Biology 56 3215 (2011) 

M. Hofstetter | J. Howgate | I. D. Sharp | M. Stutzmann | S. Thalhammer

Online Reference

Electrical passivation and chemical functionalization of SiC surfaces by chlorine termination

Applied Physics Letters 98, 182106 (2011)

S. Schoell | J. Howgate | M. Hoeb | M. Auernhammer | J. A. Garrido | M. Stutzmann | I. D. Sharp

Online Reference

Strahlenbiophysik, Strahleneffekte, Dosimeter oder Biosensor?

Labor&More 4.11 p52-54 (2011)

M. Hofstetter | J. Howgate | I. D. Sharp | M. Schmid | M. Stutzmann | S. Thalhammer

Low-frequency noise in diamond solution-gated field effect transistors

Applied Physics Letters 97, 093504 (2010)

M. Hauf | L. Hess | J. Howgate | M. Dankerl | M. Stutzmann | J. A. Garrido

Online Reference

Photocatalytic Cleavage of Self-Assembled Organic Monolayers by UV-Induced Charge Transfer from GaN Substrates

Advanced Materials 22, 2632 (2010)

J. Howgate | S. Schoell | M. Hoeb | W. Steins | B. Baur | S. Hertrich | B. Nickel | I. D. Sharp | M. Stutzmann | M. Eickhoff

Online Reference

Real-time x-ray response of biocompatible solution gate AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor devices

Applied Physics Letters 96, 092110 (2010)

M. Hofstetter | J. Howgate | I. D. Sharp | M. Funk | M. Stutzmann | H. Paretzke | S. Thalhammer

Online Reference

Ultrathin GaN/AlN/GaN solution-gate field effect transistor with enhanced resolution at low source-gate voltage

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 142 1 304-307 (2009)

A. Encabo | J. Howgate | M. Stutzmann | M. Eickhoff | M. A. Sánchez-García

Online Reference

Catalytic activity of enzymes immobilized on AlGaN/GaN solution gate field-effect transistors

Applied Physics Letters 89 18 183901 (2006)

B. Baur | J. Howgate | H. G. vonRibbeck | Y. Gawlina | V. Bandalo | G. Steinhoff | M. Stutzmann | M. Eickhoff

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