Stefan Lichtmannecker

Room: S107
Category: Doctoral Candidates
Phone: 11508
Email: Stefan.Lichtmannecker(at)
I am Stefan Lichtmannecker, PhD student in the group of J.J. Finley. The topic of
my thesis is photonics and my main interesest is the control of spontaneous
emission and the propagation of light in Gallium Arsenide. In this system we have
quantum dots (InGaAs) as efficient sources of single photons, cavities to enhance
their emission and waveguides to control the flow of light within the chip. This
system is a promising candidate for applications towards quantum computing and
for interesting cavity quantum electrodynamic effects.


A few-emitter solid-state multi-exciton laser

Sci. Rep. 7, 7420 (2017)

S. Lichtmannecker | M. Florian | T. Reichert | M. Blauth | F. Jahnke | J. Finley | C. Gies | M. Kaniber

Online Reference

Monolithically integrated high-beta nanowire lasers on silicon

Nano Letters  16, 152 (2016)

B. Mayer | L. Janker | B. Loitsch | J. Treu | T. Kostenbader | S. Lichtmannecker | T. Reichert | S. Morkötter | M. Kaniber | G. Abstreiter | C. Gies | G. Koblmueller | J. Finley

Online Reference

Dynamic acousto-optic control of a strongly coupled photonic molecule

Nat. Commun. 6, 8540 (2015)

S. Kapfinger | T. Reichert | S. Lichtmannecker | K. Mueller | J. Finley | A. Wixforth | M. Kaniber | H. Krenner

Online Reference

On-Chip Generation, Routing, and Detection of Resonance Fluorescence

Nano Letters 15, 5208 (2015)

G. Reithmaier | M. Kaniber | F. Flassig | S. Lichtmannecker | K. Mueller | A. Andrejew | J. Vuckovic | R. Gross | J. Finley

Online Reference

A carrier relaxation bottleneck probed in single InGaAs quantum dots using integrated superconducting single photon detectors

Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 081107 (2014) 

G. Reithmaier | F. Flassig | P. Hasch | S. Lichtmannecker | K. Mueller | J. Vuckovic | R. Gross | M. Kaniber | J. Finley

Online Reference

Highly directed emission from self-assembled quantum dots into guided modes in disordered photonic crystal waveguides

Phys. Rev. B 90, 115310 (2014)

T. Reichert | S. Lichtmannecker | G. Reithmaier | M. Zeitlmair | J. Wembacher | A. Rauscher | M. Bichler | K. Mueller | M. Kaniber | J. Finley

Online Reference

On-chip time resolved detection of quantum dot emission using integrated superconducting single photon detectors

Sci. Rep. 3, 1901 (2013)

G. Reithmaier | S. Lichtmannecker | T. Reichert | P. Hasch | K. Mueller | M. Bichler | R. Gross | J. Finley

Online Reference

Optimisation of NbN thin films on GaAs substrates for in-situ single photon detection in structured photonic devices

J. Appl. Phys. 113, 143507 (2013)

G. Reithmaier | J. Senf | S. Lichtmannecker | T. Reichert | F. Flassig | A. Voss | R. Gross | J. Finley

Online Reference

Correlation between emission intensity of self-assembled germanium islands and quality factor of silicon photonic crystal nanocavities

Physical Review B 84, 085320 (2011)

N. Hauke | S. Lichtmannecker | T. Zabel | F. Laussy | A. Laucht | M. Kaniber | D. Bougeard | G. Abstreiter | J. Finley | Y. Arakawa

Online Reference

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