Dr. Gregor Bracher

Year: 2016
Hi there!

My name is Gregor and I'm a PhD student in the group of J. J. Finley. My work is focused on investigations of guided surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) along Au waveguides on GaAs and their coupling to near surface InGaAs quantum dots (QDs). Our results reveal SPP propagation lengths from 13±1 µm to 27 ± 1 µm as the waveguide width increases from w = 2 - 5 µm. Experiments on active structures containing near surface QDs clearly show that SPPs excite QDs providing a new method to image the SPP mode (see inset of figure 1).
Figure 1 shows a schematic of plasmonic directional couplers, where we combine of two of these waveguides in order to realise 50-50 beamsplitters for future on-chip quantum optics experiments.


Imaging surface plasmon polaritons using proximal self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots

J. Appl. Phys. 116, 033101 (2014)

G. Bracher | K. Schraml | M. Blauth | J. Wierzbowski | N. Coca Lopez | M. Bichler | K. Mueller | J. Finley | M. Kaniber

Online Reference

Optical properties and interparticle coupling of plasmonic bowtie nanoantennas on a semiconducting substrate

Phys. Rev. B 90, 035435 (2014)

K. Schraml | M. Spiegl | M. Kammerlocher | G. Bracher | J. Bartl | T. Campbell | J. Finley | M. Kaniber

Online Reference

Optical study of lithographically defined, subwavelength plasmonic wires and their coupling to embedded quantum emitters

Nanotechnology 25, 075203 (2014)

G. Bracher | K. Schraml | M. Ossiander | S. Frédérick | J. Finley | M. Kaniber

Online Reference

Lasing from individual GaAs-AlGaAs core-shell nanowires up to room-temperature

Nature Comm. 4, 2931 (2013).

B. Mayer | D. Rudolph | J. Schnell | S. Morkötter | J. Winnerl | J. Treu | K. Mueller | G. Bracher | G. Abstreiter | G. Koblmueller | J. Finley

Online Reference

Coupling of guided surface plasmon polaritons to proximal self-assembled InGaAs quantum dots

Proc. of SPIE 8269, 826920 (2012)

G. Bracher | K. Schraml | M. Blauth | C. Jakubeit | G. Koblmueller | K. Mueller | M. Bichler | M. Kaniber | J. Finley

Download   Online Reference

Direct measurement of plasmon propagation lengths on lithographically defined metallic waveguides on GaAs

Journal of Applied Physics 110, 123106 (2011)

G. Bracher | K. Schraml | C. Jakubeit | M. Kaniber | J. Finley

Online Reference

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