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After dominating the electronics industry for decades, silicon is on the verge of entering the field of integrated photonics - the traditional stronghold of III–V semiconductors. The development of silicon based photonics lags far behind, despite silicon nano-fabrication methods being extremely well developed. This is primarily due to lack of practical silicon light sources, i.e., efficient silicon light-emitting diodes and injection lasers.
The reason is that silicon is an indirect-band-gap semiconductor material for which light emission is a phonon mediated process with a low probability. This gives rise to spontaneous e-h recombination lifetimes in the millisecond range, much longer than the typical timescale for non-radiative recombination. As a result, the internal quantum efficiency for intrinsic silicon is very low. With regard to lasing in silicon, fast and efficient non-radiative processes such as Auger or free-carrier absorption prevent population inversion at the high pumping rates needed to achieve optical amplification.
The overall aim of my work is to develop efficient monolithic light sources on a silicon chip. I am investigating two different approaches employing nanophotonic effects from passive silicon photonic crystal nanocavities and germanium-islands  as active emitter in a silicon photonic crystal nanocavities.


A three-dimensional silicon photonic crystal nanocavity with enhanced emission from embedded germanium islands

New J. Phys. 14, 083035 (2012)

N. Hauke | A. Tandaechanurat | T. Zabel | T. Reichert | H. Takagi | M. Kaniber | S. Iwamoto | D. Bougeard | J. Finley | G. Abstreiter | Y. Arakawa

Online Reference

A Waveguide-Coupled On-Chip Single-Photon Source

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Online Reference

Broadband Purcell enhanced emission dynamics of quantum dots in linear photonic crystal waveguides

Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 112, pp. 093520 (2012)

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Online Reference

Correlation between emission intensity of self-assembled germanium islands and quality factor of silicon photonic crystal nanocavities

Physical Review B 84, 085320 (2011)

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Online Reference

Nonresonant feeding of photonic crystal nanocavity modes by quantum dots

Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 109, pp. 102404 (2011)

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Online Reference

Design and realization of low density InAs quantum dots on AlGaInAs lattice matched to InP(001)

Journal of Crystal Growth 312, 2300 (2010)

R. Enzmann | M. Bareiss | D. Baierl | N. Hauke | G. Boehm | R. Meyer | J. Finley | M. C. Amann

Online Reference

Enhanced photoluminescence emission from two-dimensional silicon photonic crystal nanocavities

New Journal of Physics 12, 053005 (2010)

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Online Reference

Mutual coupling of two semiconductor quantum dots via an optical nanocavity

Physical Review B 82, 075305 (2010)

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Online Reference

Temporal monitoring of nonresonant feeding of semiconductor nanocavity modes by quantum dot multiexciton transitions

Physical Review B 81, 241302(R) (2010)

A. Laucht | M. Kaniber | A. Mohtashami | N. Hauke | M. Bichler | J. Finley

Online Reference

Dephasing of Exciton Polaritons in Photoexcited InGaAs Quantum Dots in GaAs Nanocavities

Physical Review Letters 103, 087405 (2009)

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Online Reference

Electrical control of spontaneous emission and strong coupling for a single quantum dot

New Journal of Physics 11, 023034 (2009)

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Online Reference

Phonon-assisted transitions from quantum dot excitons to cavity photons

Physical Review B 80, 201311(R) (2009)

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Online Reference

Photonic Crystal Nanostructures for Optical Biosensing Applications

Biosensors and Bioelectronics 24, 3688 (2009)

D. Dorfner | T. Zabel | T. Hürlimann | N. Hauke | L. Frandsen | U. Rant | G. Abstreiter | J. Finley

Online Reference

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