Members of the work group Finley

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Scientific Staff

Name Room Direct dial Email
Abstreiter Gerhard Z1.018 11570 Abstreiter(at)
Finley Jonathan S209 12770 Jonathan.Finley(at)
Holleitner Alexander ZNN1.005 11575 Holleitner(at)
Kaniber Michael S212 12782 Michael.Kaniber(at)
Koblmueller Gregor S315 12779 Gregor.Koblmueller(at)
Loukkose Shobin 11348 Shobin.LR(at)
Lyamkina Anna S104 11352 Anna.Lyamkina(at)
Melen Gwenaelle S314 11565 Gwenaelle.Melen(at)
Mueller Kai S213 11598 Kai.Mueller(at)
Reinhard Friedemann S313 12777 Friedemann.Reinhard(at)
Reithmaier Günther S314 11547 Guenther.Reithmaier(at)
Waeber Andreas S311 11584 Andreas.Waeber(at)
Wurstbauer Ursula ZNN1.004 11445 Ursula.Wurstbauer(at)

Visiting Scientists

Name Room Direct dial Email
Cerne John S302 11546 John.Cerne(at)
Kwiatkowski Damian Kwiatkowski(at)
Martinez Leo S302 11513 Leo.Martinez(at)


Name Room Direct dial Email
Kraus Sonja ZNN1.006 11492 Sonja.Kraus(at)
Lindner Liane ZNN1.014 11551 Liane.Lindner(at)
Neuner Irmgard S210 11571 Irmgard.Neuner(at)

Technical Staff

Name Room Direct dial Email
Altzschner Marcus S104 11451 Marcus.Altzschner(at)
Riedl Hubert S104 12736 Hubert.Riedl(at)
Seitz Johannes N116 12411 Johannes.Seitz(at)
Ziegltrum Adolf S112 11537 Adolf.Ziegltrum(at)

Doctoral Candidates

Name Room Direct dial Email
Becker Jonathan S312 11577 Jonathan.Becker(at)
Bissinger Jochen 11376 Jochen.Bissinger(at)
Blauth Mäx S302 11309 Maex.Blauth(at)
Braunbeck Georg S311 11323 Georg.Braunbeck(at)
Del Giudice Fabio S108 11532 Fabio.DelGiudice(at)
Diefenbach Sandra ZNN1.002 11563 Sandra.Diefenbach(at)
Dietl Sebastian ZNN1.002 11334 Sebastian.Dietl(at)
Fernandez Noelia ZNN1.017 11453 Noelia.Fernandez(at)
Flassig Fabian S302 11365 Fabian.Flassig(at)
Fust Sergej S312 11375 Sergej.Fust(at)
Hanschke Lukas S107 11329 Lukas.Hanschke(at)
Irber Dominik S311 11378 Dominik.Irber(at)
Karnetzky Christoph ZNN1.001 11399 Christoph.Karnetzky(at)
Klein Julian S302 11395 Julian.Klein(at)
Kremser Malte S107 11353 Malte.Kremser(at)
Lichtmannecker Stefan S107 11508 Stefan.Lichtmannecker(at)
Matunova Petra 11301 Petra.Matunova(at)
Miller Bastian ZNN1.017 11401 Bastian.Miller(at)
Mitterreiter Elmar ZNN1.002 11594 Elmar.Mitterreiter(at)
Nolinder Anna S112 11341 Anna.Nolinder(at)
Parzinger Eric ZNN1.017 11317 Eric.Parzinger(at)
Regler Armin S302 11477 Armin.Regler(at)
Reichert Thorsten S107 11425 Thorsten.Reichert(at)
Ruhstorfer Daniel S312 11549 Daniel.Ruhstorfer(at)
Saller Kai ZNN1.012 11387 Kai.Saller(at)
Seifert Paul 1.002 11374 Paul.Seifert(at)
Sigger Florian ZNN1.002 11412 Florian.Sigger(at)
Sigl Lukas ZNN1.001 11327 Lukas.Sigl(at)
Simmet Tobias S104 11460 Tobias.Simmet(at)
Stettner Thomas S312 11587 Thomas.Stettner(at)
Thurn Andreas S112 11358 Andreas.Thurn(at)
Volkovskyi Andrii ZNN1.016 11498 Andrii.Volkovskyi(at)
Wierzbowski Jakob S107 11337 Jakob.Wierzbowski(at)
Zimmermann Philipp Z1.017 11574 Philipp.Zimmermann(at)

Master Students

Name Room Direct dial Email
Appel Stefan 11527 Stefan.Appel(at)
Biswas Banani 11339 Banani.Biswas(at)
Bommert Max Z1.001 11533 Max.Bommert(at)
Busse David 1.016 11503 David.Busse(at)
De Rose Claudio C104 11357 Claudio.DeRose(at)
Faustmann Anton 11430 Anton.Faustmann(at)
Flaschmann Rasmus ZNN1.016 11418 Rasmus.Flaschmann(at)
Golibrzuch Matthias 11392 Matthias.Golibrzuch(at)
Gückelhorn Janine 11440 Janine.Gueckelhorn(at)
Han Lin 11422 Lin.Han(at)
Hartwig Oliver Z1.016 11318 Oliver.Hartwig(at)
Joas Timo 11420 Timo.Joas(at)
Jung Moritz ZNN1.001 11426 Moritz.Jung(at)
Jürgensen Marius 11534 Marius.Juergensen(at)
Kaindl Maximilian 11335 Maximilian.Kaindl(at)
Kiemle Jonas ZNN1.001 11550 Jonas.Kiemle(at)
Kim Minsung ZNN1.016 11494 Minsung.Kim(at)
Kundinger Marinus Z1.001 11541 Marinus.Kundinger(at)
Lang Armin C105 11324 Armin.Lang(at)
Mahadev Arabhavi Akshay Kumar Z1.001 11382 Akshay.Arabhavi(at)
Mejia Simon 11397 Simon.Mejia(at)
Merbeler Fabian Z1.001 11589 Fabian.Merbeler(at)
Petric Marko C204 11585 Marko.Petric(at)
Rauhaus William 11525 William.Rauhaus(at)
Sbresny Friedrich 11326 Friedrich.Sbresny(at)
Schmiedeke Paul C104 11443 Paul.Schmiedeke(at)
Schreitmüller Tobias 11512 Tobias.Schreitmueller(at)
Senica Urban C106 11543 Urban.Senica(at)
Sponfeldner Lukas 11556 Lukas.Sponfeldner(at)
Trentino Alberto 11471 Alberto.Trentino(at)
Wang Wenching C103 11539 Wenching.Wang(at)
Ziegler Jonas 11505 Jonas.Ziegler(at)

Bachelor Students

Name Room Direct dial Email
Duque Sierra Carolina Z1.001 Carolina.Duque(at)
Langenfeld Stefan unknown 11458 Stefan.Langenfeld(at)
Lechner Daniel ZNN1.001 Daniel.Lechner(at)


Name Room Direct dial Email
Baldauf Thomas Thomas.Baldauf(at)
Kostenbader Tobias C103 11465 Tobias.Kostenbader(at)
Kronowetter Fabian Fabian.Kronowetter(at)
TUM Technische Universität München TUM Technische Universität München Physik Department Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik TUM Technische Universität München

Events & News

17 Jan 2018

ERC Consolidator Grant for Gregor Koblmüller   more

10 Aug 2017

Best Poster Awards for Ganpath Veerabathran and Alexander Andrejew at iNOW 2017   more

27 Jun 2017

Best Poster Award at Nanowire Week for Jochen Bissinger   more

15 Mar 2017

Dr. Kai Müller admitted to the “Junges Kolleg” of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences   more

27 Feb 2017

Two-photon pulses from a single two-level system   more


January 26, 2018

Reliability of hexagonal boron nitride dielectric stacks for CMOS applications   more

January 23, 2018

Helical states, spin-orbit coupling, and phase-coherent transport in InAs nanowires   more

January 16, 2018

New insights into novel (and conventional) materials using polarization-sensitive infrared magneto-spectroscopy   more