Semiconductor Quantum Nanosystems | Prof. Jonathan Finley | Prof. em. Gerhard Abstreiter

Experimental Semiconductor Physics| Prof. Martin Stutzmann

Semiconductor Technology | Prof. Markus-Christian Amann

Bionanotechnology and Bioelectronics | Prof. Friedrich Simmel

Theoretical Semiconductor Physics | Prof. Peter Vogl

Nanoimprint technology | Prof. Dr. Paolo Lugli

Spins and Defects in Semiconductors | Prof. Martin S. Brandt

Hybrid Nanosystems - Nanoscale Optoelectronics | Prof. Alexander Holleitner

Biomolecular Nanotechnology | Prof. Hendrik Dietz

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Events & News

22 Nov 2014

Nanoday at the Deutsches Museum !   more

11 Oct 2014

Tag der offenen Tür am Walter Schottky Institut (WSI) und Zentrum für Nanotechnologie und Nanomaterialien (ZNN)   more

24 Sep 2014

International Workshop “Nanoscale Assembly and Transport in Biosystems” October 7th, 2014 Venue: International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE)   more

05 Sep 2014

New research group on diamond quantum sensors   more

17 Jul 2014

The art of photon "bundling"...   more


November 25, 2014

Advanced single-photon sources and scanning-cavity microscopy with fiber-based optical microcavities   more